Monthly Archives: January 2008

Make Money From the SERPs

Well, stranger things have happened. In this Make Money Blog, I was happily slamming a load of paid reviews through it’s pages and generally making it do what I created it for and that’s to make money! But then I was doing an idle search in the make money> niche in Google’s serps, and thumbed my way down as far as page four and guess who I should see listed at position number 42?

Make Money Blog!

Well that was unexpected. Then again, I should have expected it a month ago before this poor moolah making blog got slapped down from its newly acquired PR 3 back to PR-zip, except that because of the age of this domain, I was biding my time in the sandbox. The thought keeps popping up “How do I make some extra money?” but it’ll come from other areas now, especially the many niche sites that I’m building up.

This Blog has been, since its creation fairly well SEO’d internally as well as externally with a fair smattering of backlinks to earn it’s page rank. To help matters along, I’ve made a point of keeping it as relevant as possible to its main keyword with a goodly proportion of its content sporting those same make money keywords.

Which to all intents and purposes should have propelled it into the high pages of the serps despite the incredible competition of some 93 million related pages! Except for the sandbox. Well guess what…?

It’s almost as if the actually slapping I got from Google slapped this blog right out of the sandbox!

But since this blog lost its page rank, I sort of lost interest, so I never even noticed! I just ran as many new posts as I could through it with the intention of letting it slip onto the back burner for a while until I can get some page rank reinstated and rebuild it.

But my little discovery has rekindled the flame, so to speak. I figure that if it can still hold a page four spot in its current stated of neglect, then with some more good money oriented content and a little sprucing up, this Blog can push its way further up the ladder towards the loft heights of page one in due time as well as targeting alternative keywords such as “get paid playing video games” in internal posts for example.

Incidentally, if you were wondering why I’m targeting the apparently much more competitive keywords rather than the less competitive keywords such as “make money online”, there is a method in my madness. If you check the actual number of site I’m in competition with on the Google serps, you’ll notice that I have pretty much the same sites to overtake for either keyword phrases, so I might just as well hit the higher searched keyword rather than the lesser but still heavily searched other one.

Do you think I’ve included enough of these keywords into this post?

Ha! That’s the general idea – keyword relevancy. That’s probably why properly SEO’d sites stay as high as they do in the serps. Let’s work at this and see if I can push this baby up a bit!