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Free PLR Articles

What would you do with a ready-written article that you could amend to suit your own website and not have to pay anything for it?

I’m talking about the kind of public rights label (PLR) article that can be used however you want to use it. Would you want to get your hands on something like that?

I bet you would. I know I would, given the chance!

Before I get talking about that, I just want to mention a little update I’ve been tinkering with for this site.

First of all, I did manage to produce a graphic header for this blog. It certainly stands out – but being my own worst critic, I still think it could be better.

What do you think?

Second and the main reason for this post is to announce the addition of a FREE PLR Articles page (see below). Yep, I’m giving away PLR articles to any reader who wants to download them, for free!

At the moment, I’ve put up two articles based around general Internet Marketing and Online Business (they will be on this theme to begin with). But more will follow day by day, so if you are in need of some fast content for your new site, help yourself.

One thing I would recommend is that when you receive your free PLR article, that you alter it by at least 20% before putting it up on your site. The reason for this is to avoid the search engines penalizing you for having duplicate content, plus it’s better from your own point of view as you will end up with an article that is more in your own style of writing.

I bet you’re wondering why I’m going to the trouble of giving away these free PLR articles and not using them for myself in some way.

The answer to that is by giving away free PLR articles, I am creating more interest in this blog. By adding to the list of freebies over time, I’ll also attract more regular visitors who have a use for free PLR articles – so I gain readers and my readers gain some free stuff!

It’s a real Win-win situation!

Follow this link to my free PLR articles page, or use the one on the navigation bar at the top of the page just below (and dazzled by the glare of) my graphic banner! Hope you like this new feature!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online