Social Networking JV!

Although I already blogged this in my other blog, I thought it should also go in here too as they are all related.

Writer and Internet Marketer Monika Mundell and myself have joined forces to set up a new web 2.0 social networking site called Blogging Web 2.0 that will allow anyone to register for free and post their own original and unique articles in the blog and get a free one-way back-link to their own site for their trouble.

The beauty of this system is that this site is currently being promoted hard by both of us and will very quickly gather momentum and grow into a highly important social networking site as regards to search engine page rank and volume of traffic.

So by getting your posts in early, the value of your own back-link will grow as the site grows, naturally – and the search engines love site that grow naturally!

So if you want to get in on this from the very beginning, please feel free to head over there to check it out! You’ll be glad you did.

Update for 2010: The site was good for a while but was eventually taken down for lack of income generation. No use putting so much effort into a project if its just not going in the direction you anted it to go! We decided our time is better spent on projects that are making bank and proving to be better value for the effort put into them.

One thing I learned that is worth mentioning here because it’s a pretty powerful technique or tactic:

Ask yourself these two things:

  1. What works?
  2. What Does not work?

if you’re putting time and energy into things that do not work, it is better to identify the things that are working and put all that energy, time and effort into what works. It can reap truly surprising rewards and it’s so simple in concept. But it’s true that simple is best!