Make Money Blog Gets Page Rank!

Make Money Blog got an unexpected but gratefully received boost today in the form of a PR3 from Google! Thank you Google!

This proves that Google are rewarding sites with lots of good, informative, relevant and frequently updated content. My sister sites The Honest Way and Make Money both also received PR3 and they get posted to all the time as well.

This is great news for this blog, because it now means that it can really start to make money, from paid reviews and advertising. I’ll be setting these processes in motion over the next few days, so watch this space and watch this blog do its thing!

Here’s to your success!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online

2 thoughts on “Make Money Blog Gets Page Rank!”

  1. Hey, thanks Rich.

    Great to see you here – there’s a fair bit to read but there’s a lot of info here. Enjoy!


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