Another Paid Review Site to Make Money From!

One of my favourite Paid Review sites has to be PayPerPost. They are well established and seem to come up with the most opportunities for my qualifying blog, The Honest Way. They also have a referral program, which is another way to make money with these guys.

I’m going to blatantly put up a sign-up box right here in this post, just in case any of you are thinking about signing your blog up with them – this is the easiest way to do it!

Ok, I deleted it again – if you want to sign up with PayPerPost, please click on the banner in my sidebar!

There are the usual qualifying criteria that your blog has to meet. That being it has to be over three months old, have a reasonable alexa rank and fair amount of regular traffic. They’ll accept a PR0 blog, but you’ll be restricted as to which opportunities you can apply for.

But don’t worry about that to begin with, it’s important to get your blog accepted first so that you can start with a few paid reviews just to get you into the swing of things.

The more opportunities you take the better you will get at it. Better to make your mistakes early while your blog is still relatively new and seemingly inexperienced than to be making a hash of things when your blog is high ranking and supposed to be professional!

As your blog grows in popularity, as it surely will over time you’ll get more chances to make money with PayPerPost, so don’t be shy – sign up now!

So can I advertise directly on this blog?

Advertisers are more than welcome to sponsor me to write a review on their business or marketing website on this blog as long as its theme is reasonably close to this. By that I mean a money or marketing oriented site would be fine, whereas it would look silly if I were to review a website selling women’s shoes. I think you get the idea!

If you think this could be a lucrative form of advertising, I can be contacted directly to blog about your business or website by simply leaving me a comment on this post. I’ll reply the same day.

Terry Didcott
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