Shady Articles For Bloggers

I’m not a great believer in using shady techniques for gaming the system in order to make money, as they can ultimately wreck your credibility when you’re trying to build an honest online business.

But that doesn’t mean that this information should remain underground. Here at the Blog, I think it’s fair play to anyone who does use, or have in depth knowledge of these techniques to be brave enough to come out and publish some of them so we can all see how it’s done and more importantly know how to spot them when they’re being used to game our own businesses!

So over at our JV blog at Blogging Web 2.0, Monika and myself have agreed to allow publication of some articles on some of the more friendly uses of shady techniques by our great friend Grizzly, who hosts his own extremely informative blog at

So if you have a taste for the darker side of online life, go have a look over at Blogging Web 2.0. You might learn something useful!