Make Money Making New Sites

Would you like to make money by making new websites? There’s nothing stopping anyone who has their own professionally hosted website from creating more websites for absolutely no cost that will make money for you over time.

I’ve blogged about this before, but as long as your host allows you to create subdomains – and most good ones do – you can use this feature to extend the scope of your website and make money by creating subdomain sites in different niches.

It helps if your domain name is pretty generic, as you wouldn’t put a doggy-based subdomain next to a mortgage lending domain! Although you could get creative and put a lamppost subdomain next to a doggy domain!

Ok, frivolity aside, you can do this if you want to make money badly enough!

I’m going to use this post to announce the creation of one of my newer make money subdomain websites – here’s the link:

PayDay Loans

From the anchor text, you might just gather that the website is all about payday loans, and it is designed to make money from the payday loans niche. If you notice the top level domain, it’s about as generic as you can get – Niche Affiliate Marketing is a nothing domain that I grabbed purely because it means nothing, is short (4 characters) and so can be used to attach any subdomain site to make money from that I have a mind to (and the time).

Payday Loans a fully functioning website in its own right, with information articles all about payday loans as well as some loans and finance affiliate products to make money from already in there. It’s also set up with pay per click ads to make money from too.

As time goes by, I’ll introduce more products and promote the site, which is heavily SEO’d for the keywords “payday loans” which, although they are taboo keywords, I believe that as long as the site is genuine and has informational value, then it should get indexed and find its way to a reasonably high spot for those keywords and make money for me.

It’s fun experimenting with different niches and I’ve already created several other niche subdomain sites to make money from using the same generic domain as their base. I’ll be bringing them into the light as soon as they’re sufficiently populated with content to warrant being visited.

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online