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This is a cheeky mirror post from one of my other blogs but necessary to spread the word around about what I’m experimenting with now as a further make money methodology.

It involves grabbing a hot product from Clickbank and promoting it to make money, of course! But there’s more to it than simply putting up some banners and links and trying to attract some interested people to click over to the sales page of the product. This time, I’m writing a full review of the product – not just trying to sell it with some sales copy.

To do this, I needed to create a new page for the review and decided the best place to do that was over at my other Make Money blogsite, which still retains it’s page rank and has a better chance of it’s pages being seen in the SERPs than this fallen angel.

The general theory here is that because it’s a pretty unbiased review – with bad as well as good points about the product, then a viewer might be more inclined to want to have a look at the product owner’s website to find out more about it and if they’re convinced it will be good for them, then they’ll buy it and I’ll get the affiliate commission – which is the way to make money as it should be!If you’re interested in seeing the review – here’s the link to the review page:

Get Google Ads Free

That’s also the name of the product I’m reviewing, by the way! Go see for yourself if you’re interested.

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online

4 thoughts on “Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Reviews”

  1. Hi Terry.
    Just popped over to see if you’re putting into practice what you mentioned you were (writing product reviews) and I see you’ve done one.
    Best of luck. I want to hear if you make any sales!
    Also, I see you have lots of banner ads on the blog. Do you find that people actually click on them? On my blog they don’t 🙁
    Take care and keep up the hard work (I can see you’re working hard!)

  2. Hi Dena,

    I thought I should give it a try, as Steven went to all the trouble of writing that long forum post outlining exactly what to do.

    Well, what could it hurt to have a go? A little time and research and some writing – The product is top of the list, so they don’t come much hotter, although competition is pretty fierce!

    Nevertheless, I’ve still got to spin the article for the article directories and then I’ll see what happens.

    It should produce some sales – I hope so!

    As for those banners – I have picked up a couple of sign-ups for PayPerPost and HostGator, so they’re not entirely a waste of time, but some of them have produced nothing (yet)! I’m always optimistic…


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