More Squidoo Tips and a JV to Make Money…

Rather than repeat a lot of stuff, I’ve recently posted more Squidoo tips on how to make money with lenses over at my JV blog.

What’s this? You have a JV?

Yes, see my post here at Make Money Blog for the details about a blogging JV.

The tips include several little known secrets on how to make money with Squidoo and can be found at these three posts: Blogging Web 2.0 – Squidoo

Incidentally, while I’m on the subject of the JV blog, we’ve started a monthly competition over there. We’re giving away $30 to the individual who makes the most guest posts on our site.

It’s easy to do. Simply register your details on the site and then start posting.

We have some simple rules to follow, which are posted on a “Competition Rules” page so that everyone will be clear as to what we’ll approve and what we’ll deny, as all posts will be moderated fairly.


Terry Didcott
Make Money Online

4 thoughts on “More Squidoo Tips and a JV to Make Money…”

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