One Stop to Make Money

There’s a quiet revolution going on in a corner of the world wide web that can make money for its members without them having to do very much themselves.

If you are new to the business and are not sure which way to turn in order to make money online, there is one direction that you can turn to in order to turn your ideas into reality.

My One Stop is a membership site that delivers ready-made businesses in a box. I should know, as I’m one of the founding members of My One Stop.

It has helped my to kick-start my own online business with a ton of resources that are all free to members. The PLR articles that I have the right to offer as free giveaways on this blog come from My One Stop with some modification from me to retain their uniqueness. There are several PLR ebook packages that only members can get their hands on (for free of course) and rebrand as their own and make money from them by selling them online, through their sites or on eBay.

The good bit is that I’m easily making more than the monthly subscription by selling this stuff and every month they keep adding more PLR books, packages and software all free for members to use however they see fit.

Oh yes, there is also free web hosting thrown in with the membership, so I host one of my other sites there too, for free. I make money by selling other affiliate products from that site.

If you like the idea of affiliate programs, there one there too that will make you some nice residual income when you are a member.

Of course, if you’re not a member, you won’t be able to have any of these things.

That’s a shame.

To be honest, I don’t really want anyone else to join, because it’ll mean more competition for me.

Update 2008: I’m no longer a member of My One Stop as it seemed to dry up. That doesn’t mean you still should not check it out, as it may have got re-booted again and could even be a good money-spinner.

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online