What Advertisers Want Part 2

Following on from Part 1 of this eye-opening article, where we started to look at the impact on bloggers and advertisers by the replacement of page rank with Real Rank by PayPerPost as a measure of a blog’s eligibility to accept higher paying review opportunities, we now look at Google’s take on this.

Google’s stance is that the practice of generating paid reviews of advertisers sites, which is nothing more than buying links, is effectively gaming the system and giving an unfair advantage to websites who can literally buy their way to the top. All would be fine if the sites that were doing that were highly relevant to their search keywords and provided a useful and informative service. But the vast majority do not, and are simply buying their way to the top in order to dupe surfers into clicking on their sites which offer no real benefit in the hope that the surfers will simply click on their ads and move on.

This, of course make the site owners a lot of money – far more than they spend on buying links to get them to the top in the first place.

So where will this leave the paid review companies who are losing their high PR bloggers daily as the Google scythe cuts a swathe through the ranks of review writers? Well, replacing page rank with any other system is simply no use, as all the vast majority of advertisers want is the link, which is what they are paying for. As the number of high or even medium ranked blogs gets fewer and fewer by the day, this source of link juice is rapidly drying up.

No link juice means the advertisers will look for other sources of obtaining links.

What will that mean for the bloggers?

You’ll have to wait for Part 3 for that!

Terry Didcott
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