What Advertisers Want Part 3

Continuing on from the last post here at Make Money Blog of this hard hitting article, where we looked at Google’s stance on website owners buying links in whatever form but particularly that thinly disguised as a paid review of their site.We left you wondering what this hard line would mean for bloggers who are having their page ranks systematically culled for writing the reviews which contain links to the advertisers who are paying for them.

Well, there’s not much a blogger who has lost his page rank can do if he want to continue to write paid reviews. He won’t get his page rank back until he stops or he includes the “nofollow” tag in any links he posts. At the moment, bloggers that write paid reviews can’t add the “nofollow” tag because it will break the review sites TOS and will lead to their account being suspended.

PayPerPost have announced that they will be including a system where bloggers can includethe “nofollow” tag in certain advertiser’s links which will be a setting advertisers can choose when submitting their requests.

On the face of it, that sounds very promising, except it doesn’t take one very important factor into consideration.

That is that most advertisers only want to pay for reviews that contain link juice. No link juice, no pay. Simple!

No matter what anyone else tells you to the contrary, you’d better believe it – that is the way it is and nothing will change it save Google removing all page rank and finding another way of rating it’s index.

Can’t see that happening any time soon!

So as long as there is Page Rank, there will be website owners who will try to game the system to improve theirs and their subsequent placement in the SERPs.

As long as Google are culling any blogs that sell links, there will be fewer and fewer blogs available to write the reviews and sell those links. Advertisers will only have limited interest in PR0 blogs, although some will still use them for quantity rather than quality of back-links. Expect the level of payments to drop significantly for your reviews when you’re PR0! Advertisers aren’t going to pay much for a PR0 link – when you think about it why should they?

So the upshot of all this is from the review blogger’s perspective is that we will be seeing far fewer review opportunities coming available as advertisers look for other ways of procuring links.

This particular gravy train looks like it’s coming to the end of its line!

Is there anything bloggers can do?

We’ll look at that in Part 4.

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online