Make Money: Tiredness Kills!

When you are working to make money from your blogs it involves a lot of time consuming writing, thinking, composing, editing, spell and grammar checking, more writing…

All that can add up to a long day, especially when you have other online projects on the go as well. Too many long days in succession can lead to tiredness, which is self-defeating when you need to be at your creative best in order to write all those posts that will make money for you!

So it really isn’t that hard to figure out that taking a break every so often will actually improve your output, not detract from it.

Do I take breaks?

I certainly do not take enough breaks and can kick myself sometimes for working so intensely sometimes that several hours can go by unnoticed – until the eyes start to glaze over and lose cohesion with what’s on the screen!

Then even I am forced to get up and walk away from this thing for a while at least!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online