When Inspiration Seems to Die

There are often days when no matter how hard you think of something to write about, nothing seems to flow out or the cranial juices of any possible use. In these cases, sometimes inspiration needs to come from outside our sphere of thinking.

Or on a more mundane and down to earth level, its always a good idea to get out and read some other blogs. There are quite a few to choose from these days!

I often find there is one or two really inspiring posts out there at any given time that really put some zest back into my trains of thought so even when there appears on the surface nothing of any consequence to write about, something inspiring comes from out of the cyber-ether!

For this post then, the message to you in your quest to improve the traffic to your blog, to monetize it, to interest your reader enough that they will want to return often to see what else you’re going to write about is essentially this: If you can’t think of something to write about someone else will have written something that will give you an idea.

A spark is all it takes and you’re off again, clacking away at the keyboard with furious determination and purpose. The most important thing is to keep writing. It’s not ok to leave gaps of a few days at a time because no one wants to come and read what they’ve already read – they want new, inspiring and thought provoking content.

It just might be that your next visitor is in exactly the same boat you were in before you found your inspiration elsewhere and is looking for some inspiration of his or her own! Imagine if they found your blog just after you published a really inspiring piece and they were so glad they found your blog, they not only bookmarked it for future reference, but even included a reference to your blog (with a link, even) in their next post – the one you inspired!

That’s why you should keep at it, keep searching for more inspiration when it leaves you because it will return and keep your blog filled with new and refreshing work, which will in turn help to keep your bank balance healthy!

Never give up!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online

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