I’ve Launched a New Blog!

If I didn’t have enough to do with my limited time, I’ve gone and launched another new blog!

This one is a self hosted one, so it’s serious (not that free blogs are nor serious, just they aren’t used the same way by me). There is a madness in my method – blogs are money makers without doubt, but before they can make money they have to mature. This blog is not quite four months old and is doing rather well, but needs to gain more traffic and credibility, which it will do with age like most things.

But it’s always a good idea to have new blogs coming up from new to bolster the older ones with links, traffic and cross-blogging ability. (that’s a topic for another post)

The new blog is set into the work at home niche so although its focus will be Internet Marketing, it’s keywords are “work at home” rather than make money. Those keywords are not quite as competitive as make money, but are still tough to break into.

But I’m not put off by any of that, as I believe I can crack any niche given sufficient time and the backing of my older sites and blogs.

There is also a rear-guard action reason for the new blog and it has to do with the recent slapping a certain search engine has been doing to blogs which feature paid reviews. While it will take a minimum of three months to have the new blog ready to accept reviews, it can be getting prepared to do that and step in if either (or both) of my make money blogs suffer any mishaps along the way…

It’s url: Work At Home

I’m confident that it will do as well as this one!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online