Make Money Online Selling Low Cost Ink and Toner

Most people who have a home computer also have an inkjet printer attached as an almost obligatory extension of their set up. Many home businesses also have laser printers for their business printing needs. Whatever make or model of printer you have, you will eventually run out of the stuff that makes them able to print.

Ink. Or in the case of a laser printer, toner.

Replacing ink or toner cartridges can work out expensive when you feel obligated to use the manufacturers own replacements. However, there is a way to save a substantial amount of money.

Go to the Inkers website and discover some amazing deals on replacement ink or toner for just about every type of printer that you can attach to a home computer! Their easy to navigate site lists replacements for all the popular brands of printer and a lot of the not so popular ones too.

Inkers offer two to three day delivery anywhere in the US or Puerto Rico and to sweeten the deal, delivery is free.

Or better still, set yourself up with an affiliate account with some of the leading ink sellers online and promote the crap out of them as a way how to make money online for yourself.

Terry Didcott
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