Smorty, Another Great Way to Make Money Online

Since this Make Money Blog has been approved by Smorty to write paid reviews, the opportunities to blog for money have started to come along at a very satisfying rate.

Smorty are very easy to get started with. Once you’ve read through their terms and conditions and familiarising yourself with the few common sense rules for posting, you can get started writing and making money with your blog.

You’ll find that Smorty have a respectable amount of blog advertising opportunities for a PR3 blog like this one, so you’ll never be short of work to do. All you need to do in order to satisfy their posting conditions is to make sure your posts are at least 150 words or more and include one anchor link to the advertiser. Smorty even supplies the anchor text with the link code for you to use. Apart from that, it’s up to your writing talents to create inspired reviews of the advertisers you accept.

To make things even more interesting, Smorty has an affiliate program for you to make money from. Check out my sidebar and you’ll see the banner for it.

So if you want to make money by writing and get paid for blogging, go ahead and sign up for free with Smorty. Then you too can join the happy group of people who make money and get paid for blogging!

Disclaimer: You risk the page rank of your own website by writing paid reviews where you provide links to third parties, which is all writing pad reviews is after all. So if you want to keep your page rank, don’t do it!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online Blog