Work to Improve Your Page Rank

In the constant quest to make money online, part of the search engine optimization (SEO) of your site or blog involves obtaining back-links from various sources. It’s fairly common knowledge that the higher the PR of the site you get your back-link from, the more weight the search engines place on it and the better chance you have of being awarded a good page rank for your own site.

So why do I see so many marketers throwing away a absolutely gem of a chance of grabbing a whole load of high PR one-way back-links?

I’m talking about the top, high PR forums that every marketer worth his (or her) salt will be a member and active poster of.

Why do I mention this at all?

Well, think about it for a moment… … … That’s long enough!

In every post you create in a forum, your signature is displayed at the bottom. In that signature you are allowed by the rules of the forum to place one or more links to your site. So each time you post a quality, on topic and relevant unique in content post in that forum, the link(s) in your signature count as a heavily weighted one-way back-link to your site. Correct? Correct-amundo!

So why do I see so many marketers throwing that chance away?

What do they do with that coveted space in their sigs? Do they promote their own sites so they will benefit from the free link and the extra targeted traffic as well as work towards a further traffic generating high PR? Do they hell!

I’ll tell you what they do with it. They fill it with affiliate links, that’s what.

What a waste! I can’t believe they are all missing the point. They’re giving those precious back-links and all that extra traffic to the owners of the affiliate sites and not their own.

See the light. Post links to your own sites in your forum sigs and generate traffic to them as well as contribute to a further traffic boosting high PR. Sell your affiliate products from your blog or site.

It’s what you created it for, isn’t it?

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online

4 thoughts on “Work to Improve Your Page Rank”

  1. Is the power of PR really still there? Looking at google then last few months I would say that the link in a forum probobly has a higher value for getting in some traffic then it does in creating a back link for PR cause. PR seems to be valuable only if you intend to sell links from your site.

  2. I agree with you to a point, but the whole theme of this blog is to “make money from a blog” and to do that, you need advertisers to want to spend money placing ads there. The only way to entice advertisers to your blog is to have a good PR, the higher it is, the more they will pay!

    And as for affiliate links, you should strive to make most of your sales from your site by improving traffic to it – read my closing line again…


  3. Hi Terry.
    I’m really impressed. I haven’t been by in ages and I just clicked on your sig in the Whydowork forum.
    Very, very nice.
    I like the design and everything. I’m wondering if you did it yourself or if you outsourced.
    All the best

  4. Why thanks Dena! This blog started life as a WordPress template but I modified it quite a lot to get it to look the way I wanted it to.

    That’s the beauty of self-hosting, you can modify pretty much everything to your own tastes and put whatever advertising you decide fits your theme.


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