Another Great Way to Generate Traffic for FREE!

Yahoo Answers!

Yep, they are actually a very good way of spreading the word around about you, your blog and your subject of expertise. You have to have a yahoo account to get started (who hasn’t these days?) but once you’re in and up and running, there is a huge world of question askers just waiting for your answer.

There are plenty of categories to choose from, so you’ll have a fair chance of being knowledgeable in some of them. Plenty of people want to know how to make money online! There is no shortage of newbies asking easy to answer questions too. The trick is to make sure your answer gets in there as early as possible before other experts get in there and steal your thunder! Then hit ’em with everything you’ve got.

Well, no need to go crazy, just answer their question with a good, informative and useful answer and you stand a good chance of winning the best answer prize. Ok, it’s only points, but the point is you get to post a link to your blog in your answer and that wins you a valuable one-way back-link to your blog.

It also has the effect of peaking the curiosity of the readers of that particular thread and if your answer was really good, you’ll get a fair amount of those curious people clicking over to your blog to see what else you write about. How to make money for one!

You might want to know why I haven’t provided a link for you to click over to Yahoo Answers?

Come on, I said they give you one-way back-links – if I link back to Yahoo, that cancels out one of those links to here!

I think most of you can find Yahoo on the map!

Terry Didcott