Make Money by Writing Paid Reviews

Make money with your blog by signing up with a paid review site. There are several to choose from, so I’ll take one at random and tell you a bit about them. Let’s look at BlogsVertise.

UPDATE 2008: Only do this if you don’t care about your blog’s Page Rank. You will lose it if and when Google catches you.

BlogsVertise are what has become known in the business as a “paid to review” site. They operate by bringing advertisers together with bloggers who act as a very powerful publishing medium and can boost the effectiveness any advertising campaign.

From a blogger’s side of things, you first need to own a qualifying blog before you can get started. To qualify, your blog must be a minimum of three months old with a good deal of regularly posted content relevant to the theme of the blog. That in itself will prove sufficient to qualify, although it would help your cause if you had a decent alexa rank together with a good page rank from Google.

Once your blog is accepted, you will be offered reviews that you can make money from. The amount you can earn and the frequency of which you will be offered reviews will vary according to the popularity and theme of your blog.

Once you have been offered an assignment, you should accept or decline it as soon as possible, because BlogsVertise will penalise bloogers who leave assignments pending for too long and you will be assigned fewer reviews, so it’s in your best interest to acknowledge your assignments as soon as you can.

Once you accept an assignment, you should write your review according to the guidelines stated in the assignment itself, as each one will differ slightly in what the advertiser wants to see in reviews. You then submit your review with the permanent link of your blog post. Then it goes for review by BlogsVertise and if accepted, you will then be paid in 30 days time via PayPal. Nice and simple?

So there’s a great way to make money with your blog – even more reason to work hard at it in it’s early stages to build your reputation and popularity.

Conversely, if you are an advertiser and are looking at ways to increase your exposure by using the very powerful medium of blogs, BlogsVertise could be very good for your campaigns. They have many professional bloggers on their files who regularly write excellent reviews of websites and online business opportunities and can really give your advertising campaign a boost by directing it a high volume of tightly targeted traffic. They can be contacted directly via the link below:

UPDATE 2008:

Writing paid reviews will cost you your page rank – Google will slap you for doing it and don’t think you can escape. It will happen – this blog got slapped and lost its PR3 because of it. That’s another of the things those scamming bastard A-listers sort of omitted to tell you.

Another Paid Review Site to Make Money From!

One of my favourite Paid Review sites has to be PayPerPost. They are well established and seem to come up with the most opportunities for my qualifying blog, The Honest Way. They also have a referral program, which is another way to make money with these guys.

I’m going to blatantly put up a sign-up box right here in this post, just in case any of you are thinking about signing your blog up with them – this is the easiest way to do it!

Ok, I deleted it again – if you want to sign up with PayPerPost, please click on the banner in my sidebar!

There are the usual qualifying criteria that your blog has to meet. That being it has to be over three months old, have a reasonable alexa rank and fair amount of regular traffic. They’ll accept a PR0 blog, but you’ll be restricted as to which opportunities you can apply for.

But don’t worry about that to begin with, it’s important to get your blog accepted first so that you can start with a few paid reviews just to get you into the swing of things.

The more opportunities you take the better you will get at it. Better to make your mistakes early while your blog is still relatively new and seemingly inexperienced than to be making a hash of things when your blog is high ranking and supposed to be professional!

As your blog grows in popularity, as it surely will over time you’ll get more chances to make money with PayPerPost, so don’t be shy – sign up now!

So can I advertise directly on this blog?

Advertisers are more than welcome to sponsor me to write a review on their business or marketing website on this blog as long as its theme is reasonably close to this. By that I mean a money or marketing oriented site would be fine, whereas it would look silly if I were to review a website selling women’s shoes. I think you get the idea!

If you think this could be a lucrative form of advertising, I can be contacted directly to blog about your business or website by simply leaving me a comment on this post. I’ll reply the same day.

More Paid Reviews

There are more than one site out there that will sign your blog up after it reached a certain age and as long as it receives a reasonable amount of traffic.

This one is called ReviewMe.

This site acts in a similar fashion to BlogsVertise in that they offer your blog assignments from time to time that they will pay you to write. Again, as with other sites like this, the amount of money you can make varies with the assumed importance of your blog. A higher PR blog can command a higher “wage” per post than a lower one. Not only that, but a higher PR blog will also be offered more assignments.

If you are the owner of a high PR blog and want to make money in decent amounts from this type of assignment, you can really pick and choose which ones you want to do and which ones you can decline. The higher your page rank, the more choice you’ll have as advertisers will fall over themselves to have their sites reviewed on high ranking blogs – they see them as having the highest readership.

You know as well as I do that is not always the way of things. A highly patronised blog need not have a high page rank. It may provide lots of useful and interesting reading material and be very popular because of what it is, not because Google says it’s popular.

Conversely, a blog with a high page rank may be a load of codswallop, but just because the owner has been busy gathering backlinks from here, there and everywhere, Google has been fooled into thinking that blog must be more important and therefore more widely read than the much better one with fewer backlinks.

Who said the world was fair?

The moral of this story? If your blog is good and has lots of readers, get busy and post in lots of other blogs, write articles and submit them to high PR ezines and get busy in social networking and bookmarking sites to spread the word. Eventually you’ll get there by honesty and hard work. Much more satisfying than having bought your way to the top.

If you are a blogger, or an advertiser for that matter and are interested in what ReviewMe< have to offer, click this link. Update 2008: These paid review sites are noting more than brokers for webmasters who want to buy links. That means if you write a so-called review and include followed links in the post, you are selling links. Google does not like this at all and will take your Page Rank from you if you sell links. You may also find your site dropped in the serps or even de-indexed if you really piss them off.

So safest rule of thumb is DO NOT SELL TEXT LINKS if you want to keep your PR and status with Google.

You have been warned!

The More The Merrier?

The title refers to blogs, of course. It all depends how much time you have to devote to writing and maintaining more than one blog.

I want to discuss the merits of hosting more than one blog here so you can decide for yourself if it is something you might want to do in order to potentially make money in greater amounts from multiple blogs.

Just as long as you realise that writing a post to each blog does take some time. That time is usually split into “writing time” and “thinking time”.

I’ll take writing time first, as it’s the easiest one to cover. Pretty straightforward, in fact! Writing time is simply the time it takes you to write your post. The longer the post, the longer it’ll take you to write it, so there’s a sweeping statement of common sense for you! You might get stuck for a good word every now and again – I know I do.

Then I have to sit back and work my brain into a lather to grasp that certain word that is hovering just outside it’s reach. Yeah, I know it happens to us all! Still, the writing of the post is the most straightforward part and after a while, you’ll be able to even make a pretty accurate guess at how long it’ll take you to write a set number of words.

Thinking time is a little more complicated and can be further divided into research time and actual brain thumping thinking time! Now there will be times when you simply have no idea what you are going to write your next post about.

These are times when you will spend a lot of time getting it done, because you may well have to think hard about the subject of your proposed post, then maybe do some research to get your facts right. There’s nothing worse that writing something that is a load of codswallop!

Having done your research, then you have to spend some more time thinking about how you’ll structure your post, how long you intend it to be (and if you’re anything like me add a couple of hundred words on top of that estimate!) and how you’ll weight it. For example, whether it will be light-hearted or seriously technical. Personally, I don’t like too serious, but not too flippant either, so I try to find some happy middle ground.

All that is to create one post for one blog.

If after reading that, you believe have the time for more, great. With more than one blog from which to make money, you will see more benefits over time.

What are these?

Well, for one, you will be able to link your blogs to each other to improve search engine ranking. You will also be able to reference one blog’s post in another blog to improve readership across your blogs.

That’s good for your Alexa rating. But the best part is that once your blogs have reached something like maturity, then you will have multiple windows from which advertisers can display their wares.

All of which will lead to greater income generating potential.

So although not all “experts” may agree with me on this, I say if you have the time to devote to more than one blog, then go ahead and do it!