More on Traffic

A little more info on traffic generation is always a good thing and can always come in useful if you haven’t tried it yet.

One way that has been working for my flagship site, The Honest Way, has been by me getting busy visiting other people’s blogs and leaving pertinent comments in them. Ok, some blogs still stick to the “nofollow” code so there is no back-link to the site. But even so, a lot of people read some of those comments and when you make a good, though-provoking one, some of those people are liable to click your link to see what you write about on your blog!

It’s been working for me, not in huge amounts but it’s all a part of the snowball effect. It starts with a few people coming over out of curiosity and they, in turn may mention my site on their blog if they liked it. That brings a few more interested visitors of whom some do the same. As more and more people visit, more get to hear about the place and the numbers rise.

From tiny acorns do giant oaks grow!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online

PS: While we’re on the subject of traffic, a great pointer to how much traffic your site is getting is your Alexa Rank. For someone with the Alexa toolbar, you can see exactly what rank other sites have, so if they tell you they are getting more visitors than you, but their Alexa rank is much lower (bigger number) then you know they’re lying!

There’s a very good reason to get the Alexa toolbar for your browser!

Who Needs Handouts?

Following on from my last post, it might interest those of you who read it and were a little skeptical that I have had some success in my small but significant revelation.

Since publishing that almost shockingly honest eye-opener and making readers aware of the practice of asking for donations that a lot of bloggers engage in, I have actually SOLD four more copies of my eBook directly from this blog!

Now, that might not sound like a whole lot of sales to anyone who sells their stuff in the hundreds or so every day. But for someone like me whose blog is still a relatively new thing with a still small but growing readership, that’s solid proof enough for me. By being honest and taking money for pure sales rather than asking for money to buy a (probably fictitious) coffee, this works!

Maybe this is a fluke and I don’t make any more sales of my eBook this way. But I don’t think so, because human nature being what it is, people would rather spend their money on something they can get some use out of than give it to some beggar in the street. Or somewhere.

I await the backlash…

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online