Please Do NOT Buy Me a Beer!

I’ve noticed a growing trend on a lot of blogs where the savvy owner of the blog asks you (usually in a section in their sidebar) for a donation. This donation is usually to buy them a cafe latte or a beer or something similar. I guess that on the face of it it sounds fair in return for all the work they put in to writing and maintaining their blog.

But wait a bleedin’ minute! That’s not so far removed from begging in the street, when you think about it.

From my point of view I believe that if you want to be paid for blogging, you should at least give something in return. Ok, bloggers argue that their time writing their blogs and giving the reader something interesting to read is recompense enough, but I don’t entirely agree with it.

I feel that if a reader enjoyed visiting my blog they should feel free to come back and read some more – without being made to feel like they should pay for the privilege. Sure, I’d like to be paid for my time writing, but that’s where monetization of my blogs comes in. Revenue will, in good time, come from advertising revenue as this site increases it’s readership, which is my job to continue to work at achieving.

So I won’t be frightening off my readers by asking them for handouts!

However, if someone wants to donate to my cause, they can, but I would prefer they got something in return. So here’s my take on this:

My eBook: The Secrets of SEO Revealed is on sale at only $9.97 which I feel is really good value for what you get.

If you want to contribute to this blog and it’s hard working author, then please do not donate money to buy me a beer or a coffee.

Buy my eBook instead! That way you benefit from the hard work and valuable information that went into there instead. And you get your money’s worth plus a whole lot more when you put the book to good use and start to make money from your fully SEO’d site!

Now doesn’t that sound more like it?

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online

Update on DealDotCom

Its always a good idea to keep on top of new affiliate programs you join to make money from just to make sure they are logging any new affiliates that signed up under you and to see if you have made any commission.

So I checked up on DealDotCom just now and was pleasantly surprised to see that I have three top tier affiliates and two second tier affiliates to date. Ok, it won’t move mountains, but it’s nice to see that a little promoting of any new affiliate program can start the way it means to carry on – to make money for yours truly!

So how is the actual site doing?

Well, they are up and running with a new super discounted product up for sale every day since their launch. So far so good. Today’s bargain for anyone who might be in the market for one is BayRSS for WordPress – a plugin that allows you to accept posts from other people who are marketing on eBay or whatever and share some of the commission on sales generated. You get new and original content on your blog and some commissions for your trouble (what trouble?) and a whole host of other goodies thrown in. You can install this baby on as many WordPress blogs that you own for a one-off purchase price of $22.87.

If this nice little way to make money from your blog peaks you interest you need to get over to

today, because it’ll be gone tomorrow. That’s how the site works – one deal per day then it’s gone!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online