Do Follow the D-List

Here’s an interesting take on blog promotion that has started to appear in the blogosphere. A lot of bloggers, especially self-hosted ones that can do it easily are opting to install the DoFollow plugin to their blogs. This cancels the nofollow tag for links in comments, allowing other bloggers to leave comments on blogs and get a much needed back-link for their trouble. To help promote this fantastic idea, a sort of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” list of links is starting to do the rounds between participating bloggers.

This is a really great idea and I hope all conscientious bloggers reading this will join in – spread the word to all bloggers that we want our back-links back for adding content to other blogs in the form of our own comments! Of course, spammers still won’t get a look in as all comments should be moderated by the blog owner, so anyone trying to spam a load of links will just get deleted.

Comments should be relevant to the blog post and be reasonably well written and interesting – especially if you want people who see it to follow your link back to your own blog to see what else you’ve written. Good writers will tempt more readers back to their blogs, because, if you’re anything like me you’ll want to read good stuff!

So go ahead and spread the good word to all bloggers!

Update 2008:

The D List all got bitch slapped by Google and now have no page rank authority. Also links from blog comments are virtually worthless for SEO purposes, because Google knows how they’re being used and barely gives them the time of day.

If you can gather thousands of these links, then they’ll count for something, but better to get a solid keyword anchored text link to your site from an authority site – its worth more than hundreds of blog comment links…

Terry Didcott
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