Make Money Online with Bargains

In the days before the Internet, if you wanted to find the best price on an item, you had to do the leg work and shop around for that bargain.

Well now you don’t have to. Now there’s a site called Save Buckets that has done all the leg work for you so you can do your own shopping around now only from the comfort of your own home, but on one, wide reaching website.

As an example if you were thinking about buying an MP3 player, be it as a gift or simply to treat yourself, you simply click on this link for the mp3 player page and you are presented with a huge range of MP3 players at really low prices.

In fact at the time of writing, the lowest price MP3 player on the list is a Sandisk Sansa e200 Series for a crazy low price! They even tell you where you can go and buy it from, as in this case it is on sale at that price at PicStop.

Products from major stores are listed as well for their low prices, such as Asda, Dixons, Savapoint, Currys etc.

So save yourself buckets and search oline for a real bargain! Or join some affiliate programs, promote the products yourself on your own website and make money online for yourself!

Air Jordans Can Make Money Online for You

When you’re searching around the internet looking for some great bargains on training shoes, jeans, sun glasses, belts, hats and other accessories such as handbags, it always helps to know where to find a reliable online store that offers great prices from a wide selection of goods and you can safely make your purchases.

There are friendly sites that offers all these things and more.

Just look at some of the big names on offer: A wide selection of Nike Air Jordans, Air Force 1’s, Bape hoodys, Evisu jeans and Louis Vuitton handbags are just some of the great names you’ll find here at truly great prices.

A good commerce website takes a great deal of pride in their customer service, so should you need any assistance, they are there to help quickly and without any hassle.

To add to the great service offered by this site, there is also free world wide shipping on all orders, however large or small. That means no shipping and handling costs, no tax and no hidden fees. Literally, the price you see is the price you pay.

Crap to that! Join an affiliate program and promote them yourself if you really want to make money online.

Sell Window Blinds to Make Money

If your home is in need of something new to spruce up your windows, then how about combining the beauty of wood with the down to earth practicality and simplicity of use of horizontal wood blinds?

You might be wondering where you can get them from. Well, how about getting them from the sole supplier of window coverings for the popular television show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”,

Select Blinds have a really great range of all types of window blinds to suit every conceivable style of home. Their site is packed full of great information, graphics and variety and is easy to navigate to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. Their prices are also highly competitive.

So if you want to change the look of your home for the better, take a look at Select Blinds for their huge selection of Window Blinds. Even better is to join an affiliate program selling them and promote them yourself and make money online in the process.

A Month in Hawaii

The thought of spending a month on an island vacation is a very tempting one, especially when you live in a colder climate and start looking on the internet for holiday destinations in the sun and come up against the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

OK, for the Google people, this was a review, but all the links are gone and it’s just me writing about it.

Although some parts of Hawaii are very built up cityscapes which is probably exactly what you want to escape from, you can find plenty of alternatives amongst the many island retreats with their gorgeous beaches and quieter lifestyles.

A wonderful site to browse through and dream of that exquisite vacation is where you’ll find an interesting selection of destinations and resorts amongst the islands. The site itself is easy to use and navigate around.

Simply click on the picture of the resort that takes your fancy and you’re taken to a page that describes all the available accommodation in great detail and includes prices, features, facilities and a detailed description of just about everything you’ll need to know about the resort itself.

Of course each resort’s page is designed to whet your appetite for a dream vacation with lots of attractive pictures and rotating images to take your imagination right into each resort! From Hanalei Bay Resort, to Maui Kai to Nihilani at Princeville are just a few examples of the many resorts and hotels that they have listed in their inventory.

So if you want to turn your vacation dream into a reality, take a look at some of the hawaiian vacation resorts on offer.

Make Money Online Selling Low Cost Ink and Toner

Most people who have a home computer also have an inkjet printer attached as an almost obligatory extension of their set up.

Many home businesses also have laser printers for their business printing needs. Whatever make or model of printer you have, you will eventually run out of the stuff that makes them able to print.

Ink. Or in the case of a laser printer, toner.

Replacing ink or toner cartridges can work out expensive when you feel obligated to use the manufacturers own replacements. However, there is a way to save a substantial amount of money.

Go to the Inkers website and discover some amazing deals on replacement ink or toner for just about every type of printer that you can attach to a home computer! Their easy to navigate site lists replacements for all the popular brands of printer and a lot of the not so popular ones too.

Inkers offer two to three day delivery anywhere in the US or Puerto Rico and to sweeten the deal, delivery is free.

Or better still, set yourself up with an affiliate account with some of the leading ink sellers online and promote the crap out of them as a way how to make money online for yourself.

Digital Photo Frames

With digital cameras now so popular, people don’t tend to need the services of old style processing any more. But it can be a bit cumbersome having to download all your snaps onto your PC in order to view them.

Enter the digital photo frame.

These great devices enable you to simply take the memory card out of your camera and slide it straight into the digital photo frame for instant viewing of all your photos.

So where do you buy a digital photo frame at a good price and where can you find the best choice of models?

They are right there to bring you a such a great selection of digital photo frames at competitive prices you won’t need to go looking anywhere else. Their website is nicely designed to make your surfing experience a pleasant and enjoyable one and everything you need is easy to find and access. You can pay for your digital frames in multiple currencies and via credit card, Visa electron or PayPal.

As an added bonus, they’re giving away a free 256mb SD memory card with every order of a 10 inch digital picture frame! So go visit them today and see their great digital photo frame selection for yourself!

If You Want the Best Then Get a Dyson Cleaner

I just went onto the newly designed Dyson website and it really is a joy to use.

All the different types of vacuum cleaners are there and can be purchased directly from the site. I personally have had Dyson upright cleaners for several years now and wouldn’t swap mine for anything else.

Having dogs means lots of fur getting into carpets, rugs and furniture that I could never effectively deal with until I bought my first Dyson upright almost 12 years ago. They do a much better job at getting up all the fur and other debris than any other cleaner I’ve used before and I’ve upgraded to newer models only twice in all those years.

They are built to last and can withstand a pretty violent assault from the dogs when they want to play “Let’s kill the vacuum cleaner!”

The website has of course all the latest models of upright cleaner as well as the cylinder models and the nifty handheld ones for those smaller jobs where you don’t need to get the heavy guns out!

If you need parts for your cleaner, the site has a new parts and accessories page that is simplicity itself to use. Just click on the image of your general type of cleaner, be it upright, cylinder or handheld and you’re taken to a page with all the individual models.

Click on the image of your model and if there are sub-categories you’ll see another page with them all – click on your individual cleaner and hey presto! All the parts for your individual cleaner are displayed with prices and a checkout making ordering and buying any part a piece of cake.

Visit their site today because they’ve got all the vacuum cleaners you’ll ever need.

Real Paintings From Your Photos

If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea, then how about a real painting created from your favourite photograph? I’m not talking about some cheap computer generated picture either. I mean a real painting, painted by hand by a real artist.

Paint Your Life are an online company that does exactly that. Their tastefully designed and easy to navigate website displays the results of work already completed and once you see for yourself, you’ll have to agree they do a first class job, every time.

You can have your photo painted in oils, watercolours and even charcoal for that personal and eye-catching effect. Just see the quality in the customer testimonial as an example to the right. This particular portrait was done in oils and as you can see the owner is thrilled to bis with it!

Their prices are very affordable for the various painting mediums and they have an express delivery service to get your painting to you in time for that last minute gift!

So visit their website today for your photos on canvas. You’ll be glad you spent the time to look around!

Sports Bedding

If you’re looking for something completely unique and original for a personalized gift, here’s something that will really catch your eye!

sports beddingThe picture, from the motocross page on the website is just one of a huge range of photographic bedding that is available at Vision Bedding, the largest source anywhere on the web.

Sports Bedding sales is a great way how to make money online and is the most popular variety of photographic bedding, because it brings your favourite sport right there into your bedroom with you. But that’s not the end of it.

You are limited only by your imagination because you can turn your very own favourite sports photograph into a completely unique experience in your bedroom!

Imagine being at your favourite game and capturing a dazzling display of skill on your own camera, then being able to take that special picture and turn it into a bedspread, duvet cover or anything you like!

Go and visit Vision Bedding and see what the possibilities are for yourself.

Make Money: Tiredness Kills!

When you are working to make money from your blogs it involves a lot of time consuming writing, thinking, composing, editing, spell and grammar checking, more writing…

All that can add up to a long day, especially when you have other online projects on the go as well. Too many long days in succession can lead to tiredness, which is self-defeating when you need to be at your creative best in order to write all those posts that will make money for you!

So it really isn’t that hard to figure out that taking a break every so often will actually improve your output, not detract from it.

Do I take breaks?

I certainly do not take enough breaks and can kick myself sometimes for working so intensely sometimes that several hours can go by unnoticed – until the eyes start to glaze over and lose cohesion with what’s on the screen!

Then even I am forced to get up and walk away from this thing for a while at least!

Make Money Online with Endowment Mortgages

If you’ve been contemplating whether or not to give up your mortgage endowment policy to your original lending bank or insurance company, hold fire until you’ve checked out other possibilities.

Did you know you could be put in touch with mortgage endowment policy buyers who are willing to pay anything up to 30% more than its surrender value? Well you can and there is an experienced online company that can do just that.

Endowment Express matches mortgage endowment policy sellers to buyers who are prepared to pay a higher amount because they know the true value of these policies.

Visit EndowmentExpress for the best deal on Selling Endowment Policies and find out how much more yours could be worth to you.

Ensure You Insure

What are your most important possessions? Which of them would you protect with insurance if you had to make a choice?

Of course, if you could afford to, you should insure all of the things that are valuable to you, because you never know what might be just around the corner in this life.

What did you answer to the first question? Which did you place as the most important thing you have?

Your car? Your home? What about your own life?

It make you think, does it not, what are the things that are really important to us. Of course, the insurance companies already know the answers to these questions and have policies to cover just about anything your imagination can conceive as being insurable – and probably a few more as well.

There is life insurance so that should the unthinkable happen, then your family and loved ones will be looked after when you’re no longer there.

But while you are, then you’ll need to have a good Home insurance policy to protect the roof over your head from unforeseen calamity. The laws of most countries now insist upon you
having car insurance, so there are three very solid reasons for taking out different kinds of insurance.

Just make sure you look around and choose the best for you and yours.

Make Money with Less

Well, it was short-lived but profitable. Make Money Blog finally got noticed by the dastardly and deadly radar of the big G who mercilessly cut this irritating, tough little weed down to size in the Garden of Readin’.

So what next?

Well a make money blog is not much use to anyone if it doesn’t make money, so I have two choices. I either close up shop and move on to the next town, or I stay and fight on and continue to make money, albeit a little less.

After all, there are more ways to make money with a blog than writing reviews that basically just sell links. We just have to get a little more creative being back at PR0. I did it once and I can do it again. By hook or by crook I’ll get this baby back up into the realms of Page Rank Heaven and then we can start to really make money.

So right now, let’s party like it’s 1999!

Dell Coupons Make Money Online

Dell Coupons are the perfect idea for obtaining great discounts on all Dell computers, peripherals, laptops and products online.

Dell are renowned for their first class hardware and customer service, so if you are considering buying a new computer or laptop and have chosen Dell as your preferred dealer, then make sure you check out what coupons are floating around online.

You could save yourself a bundle just by stumbling across the right Dell coupons and the perfect place to find a really great selection of up to date and current Dell coupons is They add new coupons every week and also have a newsletter, blog and forum to keep you up to date with what’s what.

So do surf over to, as you’ll find the perfect Dell Coupon for you!

Meeting Scheduling Software

If you are looking for the perfect all in one software solution to deal with your company’s meeting schedule and bring it right up to date with the latest features and ease of use, then you need to check out Meeting Room Manager. It is highly flexible and customizable room and resource scheduler package.

This premier Meeting Scheduling Software is spotlighted at the NetSimplicity website which details all the features and scheduling capabilities of this stunning new program.

Follow the link and see for yourself how it can integrate smoothly and seamlessly with your company’s own meeting structure.

Make Money But Don’t Forget Your Readers

It’s all well and good writing paid reviews to make money in your blog if you can stand the heat and you are an adrenalin junkie who can stand the stress of whether Google are going to pull your page rank for doing it or not.

As I fall into that category in some things, then I’ll continue to write them to make money and see how long I can keep doing it for, because I have that devil may care attitude coursing through my veins at the present time and I like to make money!

On the flipside, too many of these things in a blog can tend to rankle some readers who come looking in here for tips on how to actually make money with their blog.

Of course it will only upset those who come in here and only look at the latest two or three posts and don’t take the time to look back through the archives. That’s where they will find a substantial library of very informative and free information on how to make money, which is exactly what they are looking for.

Researching with Blogs

Blog readers who are serious about researching the subject of how to make money will take their time and check out the older posts – because those in the know will realise that most blog owners will have written their most informative work on how to make money early on in what can be best described as their “pillar make money articles”. These are generally longer and more information packed articles that serious bloggers will seek out for the real make money information in this blog.

That’s because over time, a blogger in any niche will have written their best work already, having covered the basics and information that will stand the test of time- Later posts tend to deal more with up to the minute information and new techniques and resources that have become available since those first articles were written.

But that doesn’t mean we should just fill our latest posts purely with paid reviews to make money. There should still be posts with information of interest to browsers that want to research a particular aspect of their niche.

So it’s only fair that I write non-review posts as well as paid ones to make money in order to balance things out and make this blog in particular a place to learn about “how to make money with a blog”. OK, you might say that by giving examples of how to write paid reviews to make money is actually educational for anyone wanting to write them in their own blogs to make money but are unsure on how to word them correctly to ensure they get approved and paid for!

Which is quite true, but a little off the point. There should be posts for readers to read that are not a sales pitch on something that doesn’t have a lot to do with how to make money, so to the best of my ability, for every twenty paid reviews I promise to write at least one real one!

Do you think that’s enough?

Maybe I should make it for every thirty…

Ok, I joke (if you didn’t already guess…)