Business Lead Generation to Make Money Online

When you’re in business online you need to not only get the word out about your services and products, you need firm leads to promote them to.

This is where a professional business leads generation company can really help your business.

The Lead Dogs provide the top sales leads for businesses to save you a lot of wasted time and lost business. With the very best targeted sales leads your business will have an edge over your competitors and guarantee your sales figures will be healthy.

When you take a look at their “Top 10 Do’s For a Successful Marketing Event” page on their website, you’ll see the number one item is to choose your leads carefully, because when you develop a highly targeted leads list of accounts matching your customer profile, you create a solid base for future sales that will guarantee success for your online business.

Check out their website today to see how The Lead Dogs can increase your business sales figures.

Make Money Online Hotel Reservations

If you’re planning on traveling anywhere in the world and are concerned about the high price of hotels, motels and resorts, then it will come as a pleasant surprise to discover that you can book online and get not just really competitive rates, but great discounts on world wide destinations too.

From one easy to use website, you can check the prices of a huge range of destinations and itinerary for your selected travel dates with a click of the mouse. You can even book in several different languages, so this really is a truly international travel website. You’ll love the prices and the ease of use as well as the choice of hotels, resorts, vacation rental as well as car hire and a whole host of other refinements.

Let’s cut the bullshit.

You’re reading this because you want to make money online. Well, sign up with Commission Junction if you haven’t done so already and start promoting the crap out of affiliate products and services. You need organic search traffic to your website, so SEO the hell out of it, get loads of relevant links and make money online in spades.

Do Follow the D-List

Here’s an interesting take on blog promotion that has started to appear in the blogosphere. A lot of bloggers, especially self-hosted ones that can do it easily are opting to install the DoFollow plugin to their blogs.

This cancels the nofollow tag for links in comments, allowing other bloggers to leave comments on blogs and get a much needed back-link for their trouble. To help promote this fantastic idea, a sort of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” list of links is starting to do the rounds between participating bloggers.

This is a really great idea and I hope all conscientious bloggers reading this will join in – spread the word to all bloggers that we want our back-links back for adding content to other blogs in the form of our own comments! Of course, spammers still won’t get a look in as all comments should be moderated by the blog owner, so anyone trying to spam a load of links will just get deleted.

Comments should be relevant to the blog post and be reasonably well written and interesting – especially if you want people who see it to follow your link back to your own blog to see what else you’ve written. Good writers will tempt more readers back to their blogs, because, if you’re anything like me you’ll want to read good stuff!

So go ahead and spread the good word to all bloggers!

Is There Any Money in Online Translations?

You have probably seen the alternatives whenever you needed to quickly translate a page of text in a language that was different from your own.

You can simply check Google and either use their own translation service or quickly find another and they are all free to use. The quality of the translations is also pretty good these days and much better than it was a few years ago. But what if you wanted a professional translation of a document or article?

If you though there could not possibly be any money in doing translations on a professional level online, then you would be wrong.

There are many reasons why you would want a more exact translation done, especially if it were to be used for professional services that you wanted to put out to many different countries and markets across the world, or if you needed to have your documents rendered perfectly for legal issues in different countries. There are translation services available for all languages, which you’ll see when you look around.

There are some services available that will do that for you and the costs are pretty reasonable considering the level of expertise that is needed to break down the language barriers for worldwide commerce and dealings in business.

A prominent alternative can be found in Spanish at agencia de traducción where you can have any document translated from Spanish to many other languages and it is done in a professional manner. So if you need their services, why not give them a try and see for yourself?

Update 2008:

The D List all got bitch slapped by Google and now have no page rank authority. Also links from blog comments are virtually worthless for SEO purposes, because Google knows how they’re being used and barely gives them the time of day.

If you can gather thousands of these links, then they’ll count for something, but better to get a solid keyword anchored text link to your site from an authority site – its worth more than hundreds of blog comment links…

The Sandbox

What is the sandbox? Marketers know about it and have a rough idea what it is, but not too many people are aware of how restricting the sandbox can be for their fledgling online business when they find their brand new site nowhere to be seen in the search engine results pages.

When that happens, chances are your site has been sandboxed. That’s a place where naughty boys go to be punished for smoking behind the bike sheds. Or websites that Google believe have been engaging in promotional tactics that it feels are unnatural, or dare I say it tantamount to spamming.

It’s a holding room where your site, while it remains indexed and can carry on as if nothing had happened except it simply won’t be given a visible placement in it’s search results.

Stalling Tactics

The sandbox was created to stall spammers that create thousands of websites or blogs at a go in order to artificially boost their ratings and make a lot of money from adsense quickly. By holding any new sites that seem to grow unnaturally by acquiring too many back-links too fast or having too much content created much faster than a human could do it they protect their listings from irrelevant sites full of ads that just annoy their genuine clients – the average surfing population.

In a later post, Ill be looking at what steps you can take to prevent your site being sandboxed and what you can do if you are unfortunate enough to end up in the sandbox

A New Search Engine’s Search Engine

There is a new Search Engine coming to town in the form of that claims to have all the benefits of the combined search results of the major search engines.

It also claims that it has a more “real” method of ranking websites that will do away with the spam sites old methods of obtaining massive amounts of back links in order to game the system and acquire a high page rank from which to make money.

We shall see how this will come about as the site is new and about to go live with its own brand of search. Watch out Google, might have found a way to create a fairer method of ranking sites, although I don’t doubt where one system can be gamed by spammers, another can just as cunningly be beaten.

Please go and take a look for yourself and see what you think!