Article Submissions Help You Make Money

Ok, the title in this post here at Make Money Blog should get you thinking about article submissions as a way of link building to your website which will result in you making money from the extra traffic.

For submitting articles to directories, there are two schools of thought from an SEO point of view. Some believe that duplicate content is ok, others don’t. I personally believe that there is some merit to using duplicates in low quality article directories, while keeping originals for the top directories like (probably the best in terms of SEO).

Are There Alternatives?

Another alternative to article directories is something called, which I use to submit original articles to. Articles rank well on their own thanks to the domain’s authority, giving good link juice. You can also earn extra cash from the adsense revenue share if you want to.

Each article there is only really good for one link, but I’ve been seeing better results from only using a single link in an article rather than using multiple links.

Article Directories

Then there are the multiple article directories that are less well moderated than Ezinearticles and you can get away with sending spun articles to them with links in your resource box. The value of these links vary according to the authority of the article directory, but in general they are fairly low value. If you need a resource, then here is a list of article directories here: that you can submit to.

A link is still a link and the more you can get, the better. Remember to alternate your long tail keyword anchors so you don’t end up sending your site a thousand links all with the same anchor, or that will only get you penalized by Google.

Duplicating Content

If you want to send duplicate articles to these directories using automated software, you can, but Google generally ignores duplicate content and any links that are in there. The good news is that the other search engines don’t seem to mind and count all links, including no-follow. They all generate targeted traffic and are therefore relevant. They just don’t send you as much as Google.

The choice is yours at the end of the day and how much work you’re prepared to put in to make money with your home business and generate fewer quality links or just a ton of crappy ones!