How to Compare the Best Autoresponders For Making Money Online with Email Marketing

As soon as you had understood the importance of email marketing, you will also get to understand why the best autoresponders are important too.

With so many companies offering auto responder services, how then would you know which of them is the best?

This is where comparing the best autoresponders comes in. By comparing, you will get an idea on what service does the other company offer and who gets to give you more benefit in the long run.

You can compare the best autoresponders providers by the following categories:

-Hosting Type- there are several hosting types you can choose from when it comes to the best autoresponders. It could either be locally hosted, desktop hosted or remotely hosted. Remotely hosted auto responders refers to those that are operated from the website of the service provider.

In this case, the provider will make an email address for your use where you can send as well receive email messages. There is usually a monthly subscription fee for remotely hosted type of services. On the other hand, the locally hosted services are hosted on your very own web server. And the desktop-hosted services are those that are being hosted directly from your own computer or workstation.

If budget is your concern, starting with a remotely hosted autoresponder is the best option.

-Limit on the Message Length- you may want to go with the company that have an unlimited follow-up messages. Keep in mind that your relationship with your email list or subscriber will be affected if you have a limited number for follow-up messages. This will also affect you from sending out sales letter effectively as well as affect your freedom to send out periodical newsletters.

-Extent of Customization- when you compare the top autoresponders, you should also check on the extent of customization that they offer. You and your customers should be able to select the format of emails. Also, the auto responder should be able to capture the basic information like the surname, first name and the email address of your customers. Lastly, it should also be able to allow you to send email messages with the personalized information that was captured.

-Import and Export Feature- this will be very helpful just in case you have plans of switching to another auto responder provider. The import and export feature of the better autoresonders should allow you to export or import your email list coming from or going into an Excel file or other types of data form.

-Customer Support- some auto responder services does not offer free customer support. It’s always best to go for the autoresponder that offers free customer support so that you don’t have to pay extra when there is a need to contact them. You will never know when you will need their help, and it helps to know that you don’t have to spend a dime to talk to them.

Comparing the best autoresponders providers does take extra time but will be well worth it to make your email marketing and make money online successful.

Plan to Make Money

When you plan to make money, all sorts of process start to happen that are necessary steps in the money making grand scheme of things.

This post takes a sideways look at some of the ways in which you can plan to make money and some of the ways in which you can totally mess it up by not planning.

First, how to totally mess things up.

Lets take an example. Think about an already successful business that has proven itself over time to be long term and able to sustain growth thanks to a solid foundation laid at the original planning stage. Oh, I don’t know, an online company like, eBay for instance. Now eBay were doing very well under their original management team because they knew what they were doing and they proved it by creating the worlds biggest and best known online auction site.

Then changes happen and a new management team walk in and decide they want to change things because that’s what new management teams always want to do, just to prove they know better than their predecessors.

Except, in this case, the new team decided they were bigger than the affiliates that were driving all that traffic to their site and who helped the company to become what it had become. They decided they could expand the business their way and prune back the money they were paying their affiliates and keep it for themselves.

What they didn’t plan for, and this is and will be their biggest downfall, was that no matter how big or well know your company, if you are an online based business you need traffic to visit your website and keep on visiting your website in order that you can maintain the sales. Their first move was to take control of their affiliates, who previously were working through Commission Junction.

EPN was created and eBay started handling their own affiliate affairs with the general consensus that reporting would get better. It got worse.

So then EPN started getting rid of all their biggest affiliates who were making the most money and getting paid the most. Money that the eBay management team wanted to keep for themselves. Amazingly enough, they saw a drop in traffic to their website and a drop in sales.

To counter this, they changed the way in which affiliates sales were reported with the slant on more money for us, less for you. That rankled a lot of the remaining affiliates but they were in no position to argue, because it had become patently clear that any affiliates that started making waves seemed to quietly lose their accounts.

In the latest debacle, EPN sent all their affiliates an email yesterday (19th August) outlining a new reporting and assessment structure for affiliates, taking the onus away from a sale percentage, which in any affiliate program is the incentive to drive the traffic to make the sales, to be replaced with some kind of algorithmic assessment of the quality of the customer sent by the affiliate.

It sounds like and probably is the last nail in the coffin of the affiliate income derived from eBay and will force affiliates to change allegiance to programs where they can make money on sales, which is what they do. The upshot of all this is that because of ill considered planning, EPN will kill its business slowly as affiliates start promoting rival company products and filter customers away from eBay and towards companies such as Amazon.

Would this have happened had they decided to seek professional assistance from a company that offers Ecommerce solutions instead of doing things themselves? Who knows, but one thing is certain, the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” certainly applies in this example, because the new guys came along and took a successfully working business model and messed around with it until they broke it.

So there is a real life reason for careful planning in business. If you get it wrong, you stand to watch your business go down in flames. But if you get it right and carefully weigh up all the alternatives and possible outcomes of your actions, then you can strengthen your business in all directions and build a better, more sold foundation for growth and success.

By making use of the services of an experienced Ecommerce consulting company, you can iron out any potential problems before they manifest. Or you can go it alone and hit and hope for the best.

Well, not all businesses will fail for being tweaked to see what works best and in fact some can truly blossom with the right kind of tinkering. One small change can see profits explode overnight and running a business is all about taking chances.

But it’s also all about taking chances that might work and if they patently don’t work, then make sure you have a contingency plan up your sleeve or be ready to bit the bullet and revert back to a previously successful working model if it will save your business from going under.