The Sandbox

What is the sandbox? Marketers know about it and have a rough idea what it is, but not too many people are aware of how restricting the sandbox can be for their fledgling online business when they find their brand new site nowhere to be seen in the search engine results pages.

When that happens, chances are your site has been sandboxed. That’s a place where naughty boys go to be punished for smoking behind the bike sheds. Or websites that Google believe have been engaging in promotional tactics that it feels are unnatural, or dare I say it tantamount to spamming.

It’s a holding room where your site, while it remains indexed and can carry on as if nothing had happened except it simply won’t be given a visible placement in it’s search results.

Stalling Tactics

The sandbox was created to stall spammers that create thousands of websites or blogs at a go in order to artificially boost their ratings and make a lot of money from adsense quickly. By holding any new sites that seem to grow unnaturally by acquiring too many back-links too fast or having too much content created much faster than a human could do it they protect their listings from irrelevant sites full of ads that just annoy their genuine clients – the average surfing population.

In a later post, Ill be looking at what steps you can take to prevent your site being sandboxed and what you can do if you are unfortunate enough to end up in the sandbox

A New Search Engine’s Search Engine

There is a new Search Engine coming to town in the form of that claims to have all the benefits of the combined search results of the major search engines.

It also claims that it has a more “real” method of ranking websites that will do away with the spam sites old methods of obtaining massive amounts of back links in order to game the system and acquire a high page rank from which to make money.

We shall see how this will come about as the site is new and about to go live with its own brand of search. Watch out Google, might have found a way to create a fairer method of ranking sites, although I don’t doubt where one system can be gamed by spammers, another can just as cunningly be beaten.

Please go and take a look for yourself and see what you think!

I Just Won Monika’s Shake it Up Contest!

Now that was something I wasn’t expecting!

I just dropped by Monika’s blog to see what she’d written today and found the video clip of her husband John preparing the prize draw, gathering slips and placing them into a bin bag to mix hem all up. Now I wasn’t even going to watch the video as I wanted to read some posts for a bit of inspiration but I thought it would be fun to watch the draw anyway, so I did.

What I didn’t expect when the drawn slip was held up to the camera was my name on it!

A wholly unexpected but nevertheless gratefully received $100!

So thank you Monika, her blog: The Writer’s Manifesto and John for pulling my entry out!

PS: I bet you guys had so much fun making that video!!!

Goodbye to a Certain Widget

That certain widget is WidgetBucks.

Honestly, I gave it a fair go, but after a month I earned exactly zilch from an incredibly annoying, slow to load widget that never displayed quite the right products for this site anyway.

But my main beef with it was the so stressfully annoying loadup time. Every time I scrolled down the page and hit the damn widget the page stopped moving and I had to wait for the blasted thing to load itself up.

Sorry people at WidgetBucks – but until you figure out a way to make it load instantaneously and not interfere with my (and more importantly my readers) smooth and trouble-free viewing experience of this blog, then your widget gets consigned to the filing bin!


A Few Make Money Changes

Make Money Blog has already undergone a major facelift and now it’s going through a phase of small tweaks and minor alterations in order to get it looking “just so.”

This morning I messed about with the positioning and colours of the widgets belonging to the social networking sites, MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog and Bumpzee. The blue text is more in keeping with the theme of the blog template and looks aesthetically pleasing as well.

I finally got rid of that annoying cross-hair cursor that seemed to appear every time the mouse came near a link! It often baffles me why someone wants to add such irritating minor details to an otherwise well thought out blog template.

As for posts, you’ll probably notice a number of paid reviews appearing in smatterings along the way. Well, I’ve already stated that I will not ask for, court, cadge or beg for donations in any way. So I have to fund my time spent online some other way, so working for it seemeed to be the most appropriate. After all, this is a blog about how to make money, so it would be a bit hypocritical if I didn’t use it to do just that!

Free Traffic Explosion

Make Money Blog has unearthed a fiendishly neat bargain! A real mega-cheapie as IM eBooks go, in fact.

Free Traffic Explosion is a great free traffic generation eBook and it’s selling for a crazy low price of only $4.97, so jump in while it’s still around!

Free Traffic Explosion They don’t come much cheaper than this!

Free Traffic Explosion is a well written ebook with all the information the budding webmaster or blogger needs to attract a ton of traffic you their website or blog so you can make money easily without having to pay a dime for any of it!

Here’s how Free Traffic Explosion will help you:

  • Do you want to have tons of visitors to your website or blog but have no idea how to attract them?
  • Do you know how to get traffic by paying for it, but can’t afford it right now?
  • Do you want an easy life?

Then don’t go struggling through the maze of search engines results that often lead to dead ends and blind alleys. Its so much easier to just buy this really cheap ebook. It has all the information you’ll need to make money by attracting a ton of highly targeted traffic to your blog or website for no cost.

What, for only $4.97?


Are you convinced? Then click on the picture of the book and buy it. Simple.

Make Money Blog Gets Page Rank!

Make Money Blog got an unexpected but gratefully received boost today in the form of a PR3 from Google! Thank you Google!

This proves that Google are rewarding sites with lots of good, informative, relevant and frequently updated content. My sister sites The Honest Way and Make Money both also received PR3 and they get posted to all the time as well.

This is great news for this blog, because it now means that it can really start to make money, from paid reviews and advertising. I’ll be setting these processes in motion over the next few days, so watch this space and watch this blog do its thing!

Here’s to your success!