The Sandbox

What is the sandbox? Marketers know about it and have a rough idea what it is, but not too many people are aware of how restricting the sandbox can be for their fledgling online business when they find their brand new site nowhere to be seen in the search engine results pages.

When that happens, chances are your site has been sandboxed. That’s a place where naughty boys go to be punished for smoking behind the bike sheds. Or websites that Google believe have been engaging in promotional tactics that it feels are unnatural, or dare I say it tantamount to spamming.

It’s a holding room where your site, while it remains indexed and can carry on as if nothing had happened except it simply won’t be given a visible placement in it’s search results.

The sandbox was created to stall spammers that create thousands of websites or blogs at a go in order to artificially boost their ratings and make a lot of money from adsense quickly. By holding any new sites that seem to grow unnaturally by acquiring too many back-links too fast or having too much content created much faster than a human could do it they protect their listings from irrelevant sites full of ads that just annoy their genuine clients – the average surfing population.

In a later post, Ill be looking at what steps you can take to prevent your site being sandboxed and what you can do if you are unfortunate enough to end up in the sandbox

Terry Didcott
Make Money Blog