The More The Merrier?

The title refers to blogs, of course. It all depends how much time you have to devote to writing and maintaining more than one blog.

I want to discuss the merits of hosting more than one blog here so you can decide for yourself if it is something you might want to do in order to potentially make money in greater amounts from multiple blogs.

Just as long as you realise that writing a post to each blog does take some time. That time is usually split into “writing time” and “thinking time”.

I’ll take writing time first, as it’s the easiest one to cover. Pretty straightforward, in fact! Writing time is simply the time it takes you to write your post. The longer the post, the longer it’ll take you to write it, so there’s a sweeping statement of common sense for you! You might get stuck for a good word every now and again – I know I do.

Then I have to sit back and work my brain into a lather to grasp that certain word that is hovering just outside it’s reach. Yeah, I know it happens to us all! Still, the writing of the post is the most straightforward part and after a while, you’ll be able to even make a pretty accurate guess at how long it’ll take you to write a set number of words.

Thinking time is a little more complicated and can be further divided into research time and actual brain thumping thinking time! Now there will be times when you simply have no idea what you are going to write your next post about.

These are times when you will spend a lot of time getting it done, because you may well have to think hard about the subject of your proposed post, then maybe do some research to get your facts right. There’s nothing worse that writing something that is a load of codswallop!

Having done your research, then you have to spend some more time thinking about how you’ll structure your post, how long you intend it to be (and if you’re anything like me add a couple of hundred words on top of that estimate!) and how you’ll weight it. For example, whether it will be light-hearted or seriously technical. Personally, I don’t like too serious, but not too flippant either, so I try to find some happy middle ground.

All that is to create one post for one blog.

If after reading that, you believe have the time for more, great. With more than one blog from which to make money, you will see more benefits over time.

What are these?

Well, for one, you will be able to link your blogs to each other to improve search engine ranking. You will also be able to reference one blog’s post in another blog to improve readership across your blogs.

That’s good for your Alexa rating. But the best part is that once your blogs have reached something like maturity, then you will have multiple windows from which advertisers can display their wares.

All of which will lead to greater income generating potential.

So although not all “experts” may agree with me on this, I say if you have the time to devote to more than one blog, then go ahead and do it!

Something’s Missing…

Blogs come in all shapes, sizes, colours and layouts these days. Blog hosts like WordPress and Blogger et al have huge libraries of templates to choose from so even if you have no coding skill (or no interest in that sort of thing) whatsoever, you can still have a really great looking blog.

Having coding skills means you have the ability to create a more personalised and unique blog, by being able not only to change colour schemes, but the very layout of the page template you started with. I’ve done that with a couple of my other blogs, but so far have left this one pretty much as it came in the box.

But being a perennial tinkerer, I don’t think I can keep my hands off it for much longer! For one, I love the colour green – it’s always been my favourite, so the colour will stay! But the layout…

Something else is missing and I keep looking at the top of the page thinking “What? What is missing from up there?”

Ok, I know really…

I’m just creating a little suspense! This blog is in dire need of a killer graphic header and I’m going to give it one! It’s just that putting one together takes ages! Well, sourcing the images takes most of the time because there’s so much great stuff to choose from.

But putting it all together in Fireworks (my preferred graphic editor) takes a while too, because I will tinker and tweak until it’s just so! I blame it on that blasted perfectionist gene floating around in my DNA somewhere!

So what’s all this got to do with how to make money? Well, a really good graphic header enhances the look and feel of any blog, so that when visitors stop by, they think, “Hey, nice banner!”. It’s psychological and something advertisers have known about since the year dot. It’s how they make money. A good visual hook sells!

Your header banner is your visual hook into your blog.

The better it is the more your readers will be impressed with your blog. They’ll respect the work that’s gone into it (albeit subconsciously) and feel more inclined to want to stop by more often.

More’s the point, that graphic will lodge in the memory of each visitor to your blog, like a brand name or a brand logo. The better it is and more visual impact your graphic has, the better they’ll remember it. People are more likely to go back at a later date to a blog or website that they register this way in their memory whether or not they remember the url.

So make yourself a good header graphic (or pay someone to make one for you) and your blog will be all the better for it!