Make Money With Some SEO!

Yes, of course you can make money using as many of the SEO (search engine optimization) tricks and techniques that you can lay your hands on. Using SEO to make money is the done thing in all niches – you won’t make money just going at it hit and miss! It would take a full size book to explain all the SEO magic that you need to generate sufficient traffic to make money with your blog or website, so I won’t be doing that in this post.

However, I’m always up for using any excuse where I can to plug my SEO eBook, “The Secrets of SEO Revealed” that has all those make money SEO techniques and a few more besides, that I won’t be giving away for free here – if you want them, you’re just going to have to buy my SEO eBook!

What I will let you in on here is not so much of a secret, but more a make money technique that a lot of you are not using to boost your chances of being recognised as a relevant site in the SERPs for your niche so you can make money.

It’s all back to the classroom and getting down to the donkey work of keyword research.

I can hear you reaching for you mice to click away already! Well, do so if you want to remain in the abyss as far as the search engines are concerned, because there is no magic pill for getting your site up to the lofty heights of page 1 where all the creatively SEO’d top sites make money hand over fist.

You get there through lots of tedious work!

So pick out your main long tail keywords for your niche and check to see how often they are searched every month on Google (don’t bother with the rest of the search engines, as it’s traffic from the biggest that you’re after and Google are certainly that). If you’re not seeing more than a few thousand searches a month, then you need to combine your main keywords with some more in your content to attract traffic from more than the one source and start pushing them hard if you want to make money.

Blogs are probably best for this kind of thing as you change the content often and each post counts as a page on your “site”, from where you make money by increasing your chances of appearing high in the serps. Write a post all about one keyword and make sure that keyword is in the title of the post, as well as liberally sprinkled throughout the content. Make sure it is in the first paragraph twice if you can and put it in bold. Do the same on the last paragraph. Sign out with the keyword.

You might notice how this post itself is written.

My main keywords of make money are in one of the toughest niches there is. So to stand any chance of getting traffic here from the search engines, I have to combine them with other keywords, like SEO or search engine optimization, or even make money with search engine optimization.

You’ll notice how often these keywords, make money and SEO appear in this text. It’s not keyword stuffing, which the search engines will punish you for, but simple search engine optimization by optimizing the number of occurrences of make money and SEO throughout the article at between three and seven per one hundred words. The more the better but certainly not more than seven percent, or you’ll start getting some unwanted scrutiny from certain arenas!

Once you’ve done this and published your post, you really want to push it along now. A good idea is to take the article you just wrote in your blog and spin it. By that I mean rearrange it by changing some of the words, altering some of the phrases until you end up with the same article but different enough to pass a Copyscape test for originality. Change the title a little, but make sure you keep your keywords in there. This make money with SEO article has been spun already…

Then submit your article to

Before you do this – and I’ve mentioned this trick before in one of my blogs – put a link to your blog not only in the resource box, but also in the body of the article, near to the top. That’s a little insurance on anyone plagiarising your article and not playing by the rules by removing the resource box. That way you still stand a good chance of retaining your link wherever else your article might end up.

Once submitted to GoArticles, you will have earned your blog a high ranking back-link as well as getting your article indexed fast by the search engines. If your article is deemed sufficiently relevant to the topic and its keywords, then you will be elevated up to the high pages of the serps.

Do that for every post in your blog and you will find over a period of time that your blog posts not only feature quite highly for their long tail keywords, but your blog homepage will rise up as well. That all means more traffic, which means you begin to make money from the search engine traffic who will visit and (you hope) click on your affiliate links and ads.

That’s when to make money converts into a numbers game. The more traffic numbers you attract to your site, the more clicks on affiliate links and ads, the more your blog will make money.

Simple, but true!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online

Work to Improve Your Page Rank

In the constant quest to make money online, part of the search engine optimization (SEO) of your site or blog involves obtaining back-links from various sources. It’s fairly common knowledge that the higher the PR of the site you get your back-link from, the more weight the search engines place on it and the better chance you have of being awarded a good page rank for your own site.

So why do I see so many marketers throwing away a absolutely gem of a chance of grabbing a whole load of high PR one-way back-links?

I’m talking about the top, high PR forums that every marketer worth his (or her) salt will be a member and active poster of.

Why do I mention this at all?

Well, think about it for a moment… … … That’s long enough!

In every post you create in a forum, your signature is displayed at the bottom. In that signature you are allowed by the rules of the forum to place one or more links to your site. So each time you post a quality, on topic and relevant unique in content post in that forum, the link(s) in your signature count as a heavily weighted one-way back-link to your site. Correct? Correct-amundo!

So why do I see so many marketers throwing that chance away?

What do they do with that coveted space in their sigs? Do they promote their own sites so they will benefit from the free link and the extra targeted traffic as well as work towards a further traffic generating high PR? Do they hell!

I’ll tell you what they do with it. They fill it with affiliate links, that’s what.

What a waste! I can’t believe they are all missing the point. They’re giving those precious back-links and all that extra traffic to the owners of the affiliate sites and not their own.

See the light. Post links to your own sites in your forum sigs and generate traffic to them as well as contribute to a further traffic boosting high PR. Sell your affiliate products from your blog or site.

It’s what you created it for, isn’t it?

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online