A Little Squidoo

I know I’ve blogged about Squidoo on numerous occasions here and in my other blogs that are primarily concerned with internet marketing and how to make money online, but the benefits of having your own Squidoo lenses are so great that I’m surprised that some marketers haven’t taken the plunge and created their own.

It’s not that creating a lens is difficult or even time consuming. At least not in the beginning and it’s up to the lensmaster how often or regularly they want to update their lens or lenses.

For me, I update them quite frequently. The main reason is to keep them fairly high in Squidoo’s own internal ranking system, because the higher you get them, the more traffic they’ll attract.

The benefits of a lens are manyfold, the important ones being the fect that they can funnel some of their own traffic back to your main websites or blogs and the lens provides useful one-way links to them. Of course the more lenses you have, the more one-way links you can provide for your sites.

Of course, you have to be reasonable with this. It’s no good creating a hundred lenses for the sole purpose of making links to your sites unless you’re going to populate those lenses with original and unique content, or you’ll just get branded a spammer and your lenses will be removed.

But if you’re sensible, there’s no reason why you can’t maintain a decent number of lenses to give some external boosting you your sites and blogs in terms of extra traffic and link juice. I’m doing that right now with eighteen lenses all well populated with my own original content. Some of those lenses actually received decent page ranks in the last shakeup, some of them getting PR3, so the inbound links from those lenses are even more valuable now.

Something to think about if you haven’t been able to create your own lenses yet. For a bit of writing and effort, you can be boosting the popularity of your websites and blogs with PR bolstered link juice from your own lenses!

Isn’t that worth some time and effort?