Make Money with More Traffic

Once your blog starts to make money with the extra traffic you’ve been diligently beavering away at generating, you’ll see the sense in all your hard work as it comes to fruition.

But that doesn’t mean you can sit back and take a breather!

That traffic that you’ve worked so hard to generate can dry up in a matter of days if they don’t get something new and interesting to read on your blog. That is unless you are so well known that hundreds of people have your blog bookmarked or subscribe to your RSS feed and will look in occasionally to see what latest words of wisdom you have inscribed for their approbation!

For the rest of us, who are still diligently working to build our blog that will make money by the truckload for us anytime soon, our work is never done. To make money and keep up the flow of traffic, you really do have to keep at it, every day if you can and if you can’t, then make up for any missed days by posting twice the next day! Ok, it’s not always possible, I know from personal experience of writing for six (or is it seven now?) blogs, 14 squidoo lenses and a smattering of websites and some article submissions when time permits.

That’s why picking up on a really great way of building a solid network of readers helps enormously for those days when you simply haven’t got the time to write that one more blog entry!

One such gem of an idea was to open up the comments part of all my blogs by allowing commenter’s links to be followed by the search engines giving free one-way back-links. It has increased readership and commenting on all my blogs with this feature and made me some new friends in the blogosphere. Some of them have reciprocated by mentioning me in their blogs, which sends more visitors to my blogs. The more visitors, the more potential customers I have to sell stuff to and have this blog make money.

Networking is the new best traffic generator because everyone wants to see what the other blogger is writing about – so the more more bloggers you get to know, the more people will come to read your blog! Simple but effective – and fun too!

You should try it!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online

Traffic Increase

Following on from my last post, I’ve already noticed an increase in traffic coming into this blog thanks to giving out all those free links. Thanks to everyone who visited out of curiosity.

It’s the right way to go. I’ve been surfing around quite a lot of other people’s blogs to get ideas, pick up hints and tips and anything else of interest and I’m noticing a growing trend towards link freedom between blogs. That can only be a good thing as it encourages people to visit other blogs and leave relevant comments, thereby spreading the traffic around and everyone benefits.

Of course spammers think they’re onto a winning streak with the increase in their perceived barriers being dropped, but they are wrong, as always. Bloggers who are aware enough about the benefits of removing the “nofollow” attribute from their comments and also intelligent enough to have comment moderation put into place so spammers comments (and their useless links) never see the light of day.

The same goes for morons who think they’ll get a free back-link by posting useless one-liner like “I agree with you”, or “very good post” and nothing else of substance! Well they’ll get deleted too, because the whole idea of accepting comments on blogs is to encourage a pertinent dialog between blogger and reader. I can tell you from experience that most bloggers quickly tire of these people and ones who copy and paste the same comment in different posts – they add no value to a conversation so they simply get deleted.

Comments in blogs have another purpose for bloggers apart from their solid community building benefits and that is content. Search engines love fresh, original and on-topic content, so good comments add to the content of the post to which they relate adding more substance to the blog. For that benefit, the blogger is happy to give something in return to the poster, in the form of a free one-way back-link to the poster’s own blog or website. Both parties gain something from this exchange, so it’s no wonder that the popularity of doing away with the “nofollow” attribute in comments is gaining popularity.

By encouraging people to leave good comments on your blog and giving a back-link as reward for their trouble, bloggers everywhere will see a natural increase in traffic, increase in good content on their blogs, and that in turn will encourage more people to read the comments and leave one of their own.

All in all a win-win situation for blogger and reader.

So let’s all keep the momentum going

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online