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Below is a list of downloadable FREE PLR articles brought to you by the Make Money Blog. They are in standard zip format and will resolve to standard text (.txt) files for ease of transport and use.

The full PLR rights to these articles are owned by Make Money Blog author Terry Didcott and as such are his to do whatever he wants with. As such, once you download your article, ownership passes dirctly to you and you are therefore permitted to do whatever you want with them too!

He could have put them up in batches of ten and sold them, but instead he has decided to give them away free to valued readers of this blog, as a way of saying thank you for visiting and hope to see you again soon.

We recommend that (due to the nature of the major search engines dislike of duplicate content and the possibility of their penalising any site that posts duplicate content on their pages) before you place it anywhere on your own web pages you alter the article to put it into your own words.

That way, you satisfy the search engines love of unique content and can put your hand on your heart and safely say, “This article now belongs to me!”

So without further ado, please select an article to download and I hope you get as much benefit from it as I have done.

To download, either simply click on the link, or right click and from the drop down box enter “Save Target As…” or “Save File As…”

01. SEO Why Use It?

02. Using Google Adwords for Tightly Targeted Traffic

03. Three Great Reasons Why Adsense Is Essential For Content Sites

These first free PLR articles will be added to over time, so be sure and call back to see what new titles have been added!


If free PLR articles aren’t enough, we can also offer some free sotware to download too. Nothing too awe-inspiring, but some useful snippets nonetheless.


If you don’t already have a free unzipping program, you will need one to access our free PLR articles, as they come in zip format. One of the easiest zippers/unzippers I’ve ever come across is the one called 7-Zip.

It’s completely free (freeware) so you just download the .exe file and run it to install. Once it’s installed, to use it, just highlight the file you want to unzip, right click with your mouse and click the 7-zip tab for your options – easiest is “Extract Here” and it unzips the files into the folder you currently have open. Simple!



If you are worried about web robots infiltrating your website and finding your email address in the code so they can spam it with a ton of garbage, there is a solution.

It’s called Email Cloaker and is a small, simple to use piece of software that you run to create some HTML or javascript code to place into your page in place of your email address. When someone opens your web page, they see your email address and can click on it to send you an email as normal, but robots cannot harvest it for spammers to use. Great


That’s all for now. As I get to hear about any other useful, small pieces of free software that you might find useful, I’ll post them here for you to download too!

Terry Didcott


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