Social Networking JV!

Although I already blogged this in my other blog, I thought it should also go in here too as they are all related.

Writer and Internet Marketer Monika Mundell (The Writer’s Manifesto) and myself have joined forces to set up a new web 2.0 social networking site called Blogging Web 2.0 that will allow anyone to register for free and post their own original and unique articles in the blog and get a free one-way back-link to their own site for their trouble.

The beauty of this system is that this site is currently being promoted hard by both of us and will very quickly gather momentum and grow into a highly important social networking site as regards to search engine page rank and volume of traffic.

So by getting your posts in early, the value of your own back-link will grow as the site grows, naturally – and the search engines love site that grow naturally!

So if you want to get in on this from the very beginning, please feel free to head over there to check it out! You’ll be glad you did.

Blog Rush

Internet Marketer John Reese has come up with a jaw dropping widget for bloggers. He’s given it the moniker Blog Rush and is due to be launched today.

All you do is sign up for free and download a small piece of code that sits in your sidebar. This clever widget sits on your blog and displays the five most recent posts in the category that you have chosen to be a part of from all the other blogs that are part of this system.

That means that each time you publish a new post, yours will be displayed on all the other people’s blogs that have this widget installed. that, in turn means a huge potential audience out there seeing a link to your new post!

This will explode every blogger’s reach into the blogosphere and send visitors to blogs they wouldn’t otherwise have known existed.

What a great way of attracting more visitors to your blog! Check it out!

Do Not Join the Blogrush Scam!

Well I looked at it and I after a bit, I realized I didn’t like what I was seeing…

Blog Rush turned out to be yet another scamming piece of crap designed to get inbound links by the thousands to John Reese’s own site and give the rest of you the finger. Oh wow whee, I’m so NOT impressed by it.

But here’s the original blurb I wrote, just to show I was initially taken in too – being only human and all…

John Reese’s BlogRush is live an running in blogs across the world. If you haven’t gotten in on this yet, just to be taken to the FREE sign-up page and get your widget.

Then you can enjoy a boost in your blog’s traffic too!

Update: What bloody traffic boost?

Didn’t see nadat, so that means all you other peeps that got taken in and STILL have that sap sucking leech of a widget on your blogs didn’t get it! It’s a bloody scam, just like all the other scams designed to look like beneficial products to help YOU, when they’re really resigned to help only the owners. Jeez!