Comments Please!

That’s not really a request for them, or even a statement of fact. Sometimes a blog title can be misleading, or others it can be right bang on the nail.

So what’s this one? You’ll see…

Blogs are the perfect medium for writers to air their thoughts and for readers to enjoy some pretty clever and thought provoking writings from a huge selection of different authors on an almost limitless variety of subjects and ideas. An even greater thing about blogs is that those readers have the opportunity to comment on the author’s particular post.

Ah, this is where it’s going…

Personally, I welcome comments on my posts as long as they’re well written and offer something worth reading. When I visit other people’s blogs (and I do, often) I also feel moved to comment on certain posts.

I believe you should always give that which you expect to get in return.

So I always try to write a comment that in some way adds to the original post. It’ll always be a couple of sentences at least and be on topic and I like to think thought provoking enough to get the author’s attention so he or she will respond. So that’s what I would prefer to see in other people’s comments on my blogs. When a regular reader feels moved to comment often, I’m more easy going and let the odd one-liner go, but generally, I don’t have time for those comments that are simply the “yes, I agree.” or “good post.” variety.

You know the ones I mean, especially if you’re a blogger too.

Some bloggers though, just don’t get it.

Here I am, offering a free one-way back-link with any comment that I approve to go back to the blog or site of the person who leaves the comment and they go and squander that offer by posting a “nothing” comment, of the kind I just mentioned.

Why do they even bother?

Do they really think I’m going to approve a comment that says nothing and adds nothing to my blog? No way, Jose!

A good blogger who wants to gain good back-links and promote their own blog properly will already know what they expect to see in comments on their own blog, so they will post a quality comment and I will immediately approve it (even if it criticises my post in a constructive way). I’m a fair bloke, so I treat others the way I expect to be treated.

So bottom line. Please do comment on my blogs and make them good quality and I’ll approve ’em and even reply to them – and give you a free one-way inbound link to your blog in the process!

Is that fair, or is that fair