Networking, Socially

As this is specifically a make money blog, you’d no doubt expect me to be posting nothing but methods and techniques on how to make money online, particularly with a blog.

And for the most part, you’d be right. There are acceptable deviations from this rigid path, however, that I’ll jump on every chance I get. That’s because I can’t be rigid and unbending, or stick stoically to any particular set of rules no matter how necessary that is in order to succeed in business online.

Well, so what? I’ll do well enough to suit me and any more is a bonus as long as I can work the way that I like. Otherwise, why bother? Why not just go back to the nine to five world and wait for retirement and eventually death?

Sheesh, this is getting morbid!

Ok, back to the reason for this post – as every post has to have a reason, or it’s not worth posting. And the reason is this:

As you might glean from the title, the social networking part of working online to promote and raise the presence of a blog is important to the success of a blog in terms of its eventual ability to make money for its owner. In the case of this blog, that means me!

So part of my online working day is spent visiting other blogs and websites in order to meet new people who are working toward similar goals and to learn more about the world of internet marketing – because you never stop learning. In my travels, I have bumped into many people and their blogs and sites in my relatively short time online – its about a year now if you don’t count my early expeditions into the internet marketing world of 1996 when I put up my first website and even sold some hypnotherapy tapes from it! Anyway, that was then – I went offline for several years and only recently came back to it in a big way.

I digress…

Back to me online meanderings of the here and now. It’s important to make contacts online as you can all help one another to improve and expand your own sites. There is one blog owner that deserves a big mention here.

Liudmila is a wonderful person who often visits my blogs and comments when she can. She has featured this blog in one of her posts and I think she’d appreciate a mention here too. Her writings are always though.provoking, so if you are interested in expanding your horizons, please visit her blogs and see for yourself. Here are the links:

Enjoy them as they are all different and very interesting!

Increase Your Traffic with Technorati

There are still plenty of ways to increase your traffic flow to your blog which all adds up to greater chances to make money. This is another way I’ve set into motion for this blog.


If you haven’t already signed up with Technorati, you can do it for free, like with most social bookmarking and networking sites these days. Once you have your account, you’ll need to set up your Technorati Profile, which doesn’t take long.

Then you need to start adding your blogs.

This is also pretty painless and there are two ways of verifying your blog with them. One is to simply enter your username and password for your blog. Or if you don’t want to do that, you can simply copy and paste a special link into your next post in your blog, then publish it.

By having your blog (or blogs) registered with Technorati, your online presence gets even more exposure as does your blog(s). That translates into greater traffic coming to read your blog out of curiosity which can only be good for you and your efforts to make money online.

So if you haven’t done it already, go do it now!

2 thoughts on “Networking, Socially”

  1. I agree –
    I try to spend at least 30 minutes per day going to blogs, commenting, posting at webmaster forums, BlogRushing, and MyBlogLog’ing – all with the goal of building relationships with other bloggers. Not only can it help to build traffic, but the relationships that you build along the way can be very valuable in many ways.

  2. Thanks Mr GrownUp Geek,

    I probably spend quite a bit more than 30 minutes a day on this – sometimes just reading some of the great posts out there can take up hours! No wonder I’m always short of time for anything else!
    – Terry

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