How to Make Money Online for Beginners

How to make money online for beginners is a question that a lot of people completely new to the whole aspect of Internet Marketing type into Google’s search engine and expect to find answers.

Here at this Make Money Blog following on from my last post here at Make Money Blog, I’m going to give you some of those answers.

First of all, you need to learn the ropes. You have to do this before you can even begin to figure out how to  make money online because everything is relevant and nothing can be taken for granted. There are lots of big fish out there who love to eat up little fish.

They are the so-called experts of whom there are thousands, all vying with one another to grab every newcomer they can and suck them in to buying every product they can push onto them.

In a word, don’t listen to any of them. Do not buy the crap they are peddling because you don’t need 99% of it and very little of it will teach you anything that you cannot already get for free online.

This might sound strange coming from a Make Money type of blog, after all isn’t it the main objective to make money wherever and however you can?

No, it is not.

Especially when it comes from ripping people off to make that money. Its unethical and unneccessary. There are many ways to make money online and not all of them involve scamming people or selling them stuff they don’t need.

Ok, I have some ads in my sidebar just like everyone else does, but the ads I display are ones that I personally use and can vouch for. They are tools that enhance the money making abilities of my online business. This is something else you will discover as you start learning. This is a business and should be treated like a business.

That means you have to work hard, damned hard to turn it into a profitable business. There is no magic button that you can press and watch the money fall out of the sky.

There are some online business people who do very well from their online businesses and you could say that yes, they are successful and it might appear like the money really does fall out of the sky for them. But none of them got to where they are overnight and it takes everybody and I mean everybody a certain amount of time to reach teh stage where they can say that they honestly make their living from their online business.

Do I?

Not yet. I’ll be honest with you.

I make money online, of course I do and from a combination of the many different streams of income I derive from the Internet I do make a living from it. But not all those sources of income come from pure Internet Marketing.

The bulk of my income comes from freelance writing assignments, which is another way how to make money online. It is honest in that no one gets ripped off and you do an honest days work for honest money.

Another source of income is from my building websites and selling them. That is a relatively new venture and promises to be profitable, but like all things, will take time to build up.

Other sources of income are from advertising on my many websites and blogs. This is the part of Internet Marketing that interests most newcomers to the business, because it really is set and forget. But not quite. Even the set and forget websites that get a small stream of income from people finding the sites and clicking the ads need maintenance.

Sites need to be constantly promoted by getting links to them and adding fresh content every so often to keep them in good stead with the search engines who drive the all-important traffic to the sites. One of the sources of income that I don’t really get involved in but that can have some gain is in learning how to make money with PLR products. That link will take you to an excellent resource for just that!

And here is an important point that many newcomers just don’t get, especially if they find the wrong advice early on.

To begin with, you’ll need your own website or blog and there are several alternatives you can explore, from paid self hosted websites with your own domain name that you buy and pay for, or free hosted sites or blogs that cost you nothing but have the trade off that most will place their own ads on your site. Not all do, notably Blogger allows you to build your own blog for free and put your own ads on it.

Once you’ve built your cool site and put some monetisation on there, its no good sitting back and waiting for the world to find you. They won’t.

You need organic search traffic that the search engines, particularly Google send to you. Why? Because it is only organic search traffic that will click on your ads. The alternative to organic traffic is called social traffic that you can attract by using the many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon etc.

Social traffic is great if you want to get a lot of people reading your blog and get your name known. It’s no good for making money.

Social traffic will not click on your ads, because they are just like you and probably have a site or sites just like yours as well. They know what ads are and they don’t want to buy your affiliate products because they can use their own affiliate links and get their own discount.

They won’t click your PPC ads because they know they’ll be sent to a site they don’t want to go to.

If you want to know how to make money online, you must attract organic traffic. The only way to do that is to rank highly in the search engines for keywords that people search on and that they will buy stuff with.

That is often NOT anything to do with how to make money online! This is a niche (a term used by Internet Marketers to describe a theme or topic of interest) in itself and is highly competitive. While there is money to be made in this niche – primarily because most newcomers find themselves here, just like you did – it is very competitive and takes far too much work to rise to the top.

Much better to choose a less competitive niche where you can sell products to people who are searching for them. Even then, there are some products that are highly competitive, such as weight loss, vitamins, ring tones, electronic gadgets, insurance, credit cards, loans, finance, mortgages etc. You get the picture.

Go for less competitive niches and you stand a much better chance of rising to the top of  Google’s index abd attracting visitors to yoru site. You won’t get as many as the top sites in the more competitive niches get, obviously, but you will get traffic and that traffic is much more likely to click on your ads and mak money for you.

There are several highly recommended resources for further information online where you can learn more in-depth tactics and techniques which will help you in your quest of how to make money online. One I cannot recommend more highly is Griz’s blog.

This is one of those free blogger blogs and the author make a pot of money from it and shows you how he does it all for free. No scams or misdirections, its all solid, relevant information that if you act upon it, you will make money online.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back with more posts later…

16 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online for Beginners”

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  3. very informative post , yes there are lots of people who scam others to make money.I also read make money online for beginners and the content is great.

  4. Very nicely put Terry.

    I was going to say that it could have been written by me but no… it’s better. That is exactly how you feed G keywords. Nice.

  5. Nishadha, I’m glad you found me. Its the scammers who make this business appear so seedy and false but there are some honest ones too!

  6. Hey Griz, thought that’d get your attention!

    Feed G keywords…que me? Hehe these are great keywords, especially on how to make money online for beginners which I felt worthy of returning to this somewhat neglected blog to give it a booster shot in the arm. Might even do it some good, who knows?

  7. Nice info. The only way you going to make money online. Is to know how. Sure it not easy. Hard work pays off.

  8. Too right Antonio, thanks for your extensive take on how to make money online for beginners. Its always nice to read a well versed and informative comment that an enlightened person has carefully thought out and put together…

  9. We all need the true and actual tools in order to do our jobs properly, so thank you so much, very nice article about how to make money online

  10. Thank you israil. When more people learn how to make money online, there will be more competition, but still most of them won’t put in the hard work necessary to make an impression on those of us who, by our own hard work, know perfectly well how to make money online in spades!

  11. Hey this is a really fascinating post. Great look at how to make money for beginners. We all know that the possibilities of making money online are simply endless. Think outside the box when creating your business online and you will have to succeed!

    Thank you for this truly great resource!

  12. What a great post with lots of helpful suggestions on how to make money. I am going to bookmark your site. I read the link post as well.

  13. Hi Kate, I’m glad you got a lot out of this post. I don’t post in here all that often, but when I do its usually a big one!

  14. I was looking for some info on how to make money online blogging and when I found this I nearly fell off my chair! This is fascinating stuff that no one else seems to be telling us noobs!

    No one says anything about SEO or getting ranked in the search engine, its all build your list and sell them recycled crap ebooks that everyone and his brother has already got. This is a breath of very fresh air! I’ll be changing the way I work from now on and maybe I’ll actually start to make money online instead of just reading about it.

    Great information, thanks heaps


  15. How come all the money making ideas have a price tag. I challenge anyone to take me set me up in the business and I will share the profits with them. If It really works why wouldn’t you want a another way to make money with out working.

  16. Not all the money making ideas come with a price tag, unless you consider hard work to count.

    Make some free blogs, write original content for them, get links to them with their keyword anchored in the text and be patient.

    Keep building content and links and in time they will make it to the traffic spots in the SERPs. Then add adsense and watch the money come in.

    Rinse and repeat for as many keywords/niches as you can find.

    Cost to you: $ZERO!

    Don’t want to do it for yourself? Then don’t quit your day job, because no one else will do it for you.

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