Make Money But Don’t Forget Your Readers

It’s all well and good writing paid reviews to make money in your blog if you can stand the heat and you are an adrenalin junkie who can stand the stress of whether Google are going to pull your page rank for doing it or not.

As I fall into that category in some things, then I’ll continue to write them to make money and see how long I can keep doing it for, because I have that devil may care attitude coursing through my veins at the present time and I like to make money!

On the flipside, too many of these things in a blog can tend to rankle some readers who come looking in here for tips on how to actually make money with their blog.

Of course it will only upset those who come in here and only look at the latest two or three posts and don’t take the time to look back through the archives. That’s where they will find a substantial library of very informative and free information on how to make money, which is exactly what they are looking for.

Researching with Blogs

Blog readers who are serious about researching the subject of how to make money will take their time and check out the older posts – because those in the know will realise that most blog owners will have written their most informative work on how to make money early on in what can be best described as their “pillar make money articles”. These are generally longer and more information packed articles that serious bloggers will seek out for the real make money information in this blog.

That’s because over time, a blogger in any niche will have written their best work already, having covered the basics and information that will stand the test of time- Later posts tend to deal more with up to the minute information and new techniques and resources that have become available since those first articles were written.

But that doesn’t mean we should just fill our latest posts purely with paid reviews to make money. There should still be posts with information of interest to browsers that want to research a particular aspect of their niche.

So it’s only fair that I write non-review posts as well as paid ones to make money in order to balance things out and make this blog in particular a place to learn about “how to make money with a blog”. OK, you might say that by giving examples of how to write paid reviews to make money is actually educational for anyone wanting to write them in their own blogs to make money but are unsure on how to word them correctly to ensure they get approved and paid for!

Which is quite true, but a little off the point. There should be posts for readers to read that are not a sales pitch on something that doesn’t have a lot to do with how to make money, so to the best of my ability, for every twenty paid reviews I promise to write at least one real one!

Do you think that’s enough?

Maybe I should make it for every thirty…

Ok, I joke (if you didn’t already guess…)