Make Money by Writing Paid Reviews

Make money with your blog by signing up with a paid review site. There are several to choose from, so I’ll take one at random and tell you a bit about them. Let’s look at BlogsVertise.

UPDATE 2008: Only do this if you don’t care about your blog’s Page Rank. You will lose it if and when Google catches you.

BlogsVertise are what has become known in the business as a “paid to review” site. They operate by bringing advertisers together with bloggers who act as a very powerful publishing medium and can boost the effectiveness any advertising campaign.

From a blogger’s side of things, you first need to own a qualifying blog before you can get started. To qualify, your blog must be a minimum of three months old with a good deal of regularly posted content relevant to the theme of the blog. That in itself will prove sufficient to qualify, although it would help your cause if you had a decent alexa rank together with a good page rank from Google.

Once your blog is accepted, you will be offered reviews that you can make money from. The amount you can earn and the frequency of which you will be offered reviews will vary according to the popularity and theme of your blog.

Once you have been offered an assignment, you should accept or decline it as soon as possible, because BlogsVertise will penalise bloogers who leave assignments pending for too long and you will be assigned fewer reviews, so it’s in your best interest to acknowledge your assignments as soon as you can.

Once you accept an assignment, you should write your review according to the guidelines stated in the assignment itself, as each one will differ slightly in what the advertiser wants to see in reviews. You then submit your review with the permanent link of your blog post. Then it goes for review by BlogsVertise and if accepted, you will then be paid in 30 days time via PayPal. Nice and simple?

So there’s a great way to make money with your blog – even more reason to work hard at it in it’s early stages to build your reputation and popularity.

Conversely, if you are an advertiser and are looking at ways to increase your exposure by using the very powerful medium of blogs, BlogsVertise could be very good for your campaigns. They have many professional bloggers on their files who regularly write excellent reviews of websites and online business opportunities and can really give your advertising campaign a boost by directing it a high volume of tightly targeted traffic. They can be contacted directly via the link below:

UPDATE 2008:

Writing paid reviews will cost you your page rank – Google will slap you for doing it and don’t think you can escape. It will happen – this blog got slapped and lost its PR3 because of it. That’s another of the things those scamming bastard A-listers sort of omitted to tell you.

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online