Make Money from Duplicate Content?

Well, I don’t mean for you to copy anyone else’s work and then publish it on your site – that’s just plain stupid and will get you penalized by the search engines. No, I’m going to tell you how duplicate content can make money for you – when someone else duplicates your content!

To begin, I have covered the topic of article marketing in Make Money Blog before. I just want to share this really useful trick that I recently found out about to increase your traffic which will ultimately lead you to make money.

It involves nothing more than getting other people to create your traffic and make money for you – and without them even realizing they’re doing it!


That’s the easy part.

With all article marketing methods, you write a decent article or two on a popular topic regarding your niche. Before you submit it to your favourite article directory, you should modify it a little first. This only works for the article directories that allow you to place a link in the body of your article, which rules out my favourite directory, ezine articles.

That’s ok, as are the next best choice. They also have a high page rank and great traffic, so your article will still be seen by plenty of people and you’ll get the all-important one-way back link to your site. Plus they let you place a link in the body of your article – very important!

The trick is in placing that additional link back to your site right in the body of the article. That’s as well as in your resource box at the end.


Well, visitors to article directories will often copy your article and put it up on their website. That’s not a real problem so long as they follow the rules and include your resource box with its link back to your site, so you get the recognition, traffic to make money from and another free one-way back link. If the site that copied your article has a good page rank, then you benefit even more.

The problem is that a lot of these article rustlers delete your resource box!

They steal your article and publish it on their site and you don’t get the link or the traffic back to your site.

The way around this is to put an additional link in the body of the article using the anchor tag and your main keywords as the anchor text. This will usually (although not always) get around the problem and still get you your backlink and traffic from the site that stole your article.

But what about the duplicate content thing?

Well, it gets even better.

As you submitted an original article to GoArticles (you did submit an original, didn’t you?) it is timestamped in their database. That means anyone who copies it has a later timestamp on the article, making it a duplicate of the original on GoArticles. Guess what duplicate content will get you from Google? Penalized, that’s what! So not only does a potential rival site get slapped down for having duplicate content on there, but you still get the back link from them as well as the one from GoArticles… and the same goes for anyone else who copies your article and publishes it on their site.

Now that is the kind of poetic justice that I like the sound of!

Black Hat Articles For Bloggers

I’m not a great believer in using black hat techniques for gaming the system in order to make money, as they can ultimately wreck your credibility when you’re trying to build an honest online business.

But that doesn’t mean that this information should remain underground. I think it’s fair play to anyone who does use, or have in depth knowledge of these techniques to be brave enough to come out and publish some of them so we can all see how its done and more importantly know how to spot them when they’re being used to game our own businesses!

So over at our JV blog at Blogging Web 2.0, Monika and myself have agreed to allow publication of some articles on some of the more friendly uses of black hat techniques by our great friend Griz, who hosts his own extremely informative blog at Make Money For Beginners (now long gone: 2020 Update).

So if you have a tase for the darker side of online life, go have a look over at Blogging Web 2.0 (also long gone). You might learn something useful!

6 thoughts on “Make Money from Duplicate Content?”

  1. Haha now that is just genius! So simple, yet I never thought of it. I’ve written many articles over the years and a lot of them have been stolen, and had the resource box stripped. I will be sure to put an extra link in the body of all articles I submit from now on. Thanks Terry!


  2. Glad you liked it Trent, I know – isn’t it always the simple ideas that are the best? This one is a real beauty!


  3. There is no such thing as a Duplicate Content Penalty.

    It is a series of filters that clusters the results and then drops some of them from the SERPs.

    The filtering is based on several different factors, including: age of that URL, age of that particular piece of content at that URL, PageRank of that particular URL, age and trust of the site in general, and several other things that we may never know about.

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  6. What is the easiest way to make money online? I know that there is no free lunch in this or any other business, but there must be ways to make easy money rather than putting all that effort into writing in a ton of blogs every day. In any case, your showing us how to make money from duplicate content is a real eye-opener and one I’ll take to heart, so thanks!

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