Make Money With CPC

Here is another great way to make money online with your blog, which I believe could be a great replacement for Auction Ads especially if it’s not preforming for you, or Adsense if you got kicked out of the program!

It’s called WidgetBucks.

While it probably won’t beat Adsense earnings, it’ll do well if your site is about promoting certain niche products like mp3 players or music, dvds, books, sports items etc.

How Does WidgetBucks Work?

WidgetBucks works by placing a graphics style banner (comes in varying sizes) on your site, just like the one you see in the right hand sodebar on this one. You then make money based on clicks (not sales), similar to Adsense.

The minimum payout for WidgetBucks is $50 and payments are made at the end of each month either by cheque or via PayPal (very handy if you’re outside the US).

As a sign-up bonus, to get you started they are giving you $25 in your account.

WidgetBucks gives you about 12 ad categories to choose from. In each of these are sub-categories (eg: Computers: laptops, desktops, software etc). If your blog is about Making Money or Internet Marketing, the product choices are fairly limited, because at present it is much better suited to niche blogs. That will change as more products are added to the system. WidgetBucks does offer an option you can select for it to “crawl” your blog or site, meaning it can match ads to your content in a similar way to adsense.

There are several banner size and colour options available, with more planned for the near future. There’s plenty to get you up and running and making money.

There’s also a referral program, meaning that once you sign up, you can promote the system and earn referral income from people who sign up from your referral link. Hey, I’m not doing this for nothing! You might notice my referral code in the links – If you want to sign up, please feel free to use my link – it won’t cost you anything – it helps me fund this blog and will make me happy!

I believe it’s definitely worth being a member and experimenting some. This might be your next big income stream! I was totally impressed by it, so I went straight over and signed up myself!

So what’s there to think about? Get over there and signup.

Update 2008: Don’t waste your time, in a year of promoting I made about 2 cents from this. The widget is a waste of valuable real estate space on your blog and its often slow to load. So pass on it!