Make Money Long-Term With Your Blog

It’s about time I resumed my writings on how to make money with your blog.

Well, now that this blog has passed it’s three months birthday, I could start to submit it to some of the paid review sites, like PayPerPost and ReviewMe and start to accept some paid reviews. But I’m going to be a little more patient right now and wait a little longer to make money this way.


Well, for one writing paid reviews can deter some readers from your blog, because they came in the first place to learn something about how to make money. Ok, by getting creative you could argue that by posting some paid reviews, you’d sort of be demonstrating by example how to write paid reviews.

Not so daft, really.

But the main reason I’m stalling is because there’s a chance that the page rank of this blog might get a leg-up, despite the blog’s young age. That’s because I’ve been busy promoting it and obtaining back-links naturally by commenting in other blogs, writing in forums and submitting the odd article or two to high profile article directories.

I’ll know whether this blog has attracted some PR love soon enough, so I’ll wait until then before I submit it to the paid review sites. That way, when I do submit it, I’ll be going in with a page rank to impress them, which will mean a better chance of more reviews to write and better paid ones at that.

It also gives me a chance to increase the level of good, interesting and informative content here before I start pock-marking it with advertising blurb which, unless you’re interested in that sort of thing, will lower the tone of the place a little. But only a little – as I won’t be taking on every paid review that moves – only the ones that are highly relevant to this blog’s main theme.

So you could say that this post on how to make money, is more about how to NOT make money, at least in the short term. But in the long term, which is what I’m aiming for as a steady and renewable income source, this blog will make money and in spades.

My belief is it will come up trumps for my patience and forethought in not going at it like a bull in a china shop. And that’s how to really make money!

Make Money in a Contest

I have mentioned this before, but I think it’s time for a timely reminder to anyone who hasn’t given this one a shot yet.

Over at my JV blog, Blogging Web 2.0, we’ve been running a small contest this month to give away $30 to the blogger who posts the most on our site for the month. Well, the month is drawing to a close bit there’s still time to get your entries in if you’re quick and it won’t be hard to steal the prize, because the response has been slow and it’ll only take a few posts to snatch the $30!

So if you’re a little broke at the moment and want to Make Money and could use a quick $30, write a few good blog posts loosely on the subject of Internet Marketing and get over there and submit them before the end of the month!

Make Money Blog Has a New Look!

Well, actually, I changed the template for this blog two days ago, but I’d already posted before I made the change, so didn’t mention it right away. I just thought it’d be a good idea to let it sink in for a while before blowing any trumpets!

It’s a big improvement over the old template inasmuch as the code is so more up to date. I was getting frustrated by the slow load time of the old template plus the simple fact hat the HTML used tables all over the place and I hate them!

This template also looks more professional and I prefer the double sidebar to be on the right for SEO purposes!

So please tell me what you think – I want to know!

I’ve tweaked the CSS already to alter the look a little from the original template and will probably tweak some more before I’m completely satisfied. That’s just one of my personality faults – I’m never satisfied unless I’ve fiddled and diddled a thing to death!

The better layout means I’ll be able to make better use of the sidebar advertising space as Make Money Blog matures (it’s hard to believe it’s still only three months old) and the ranking continue to improve. So expect to see some more ads appearing in the space as I push ahead with the monetization of Make Money Blog – as it’s in the name so should it be in nature!

Let’s see how this pans out…