Please Do NOT Buy Me a Beer!

I’ve noticed a growing trend on a lot of blogs where the savvy owner of the blog asks you (usually in a section in their sidebar) for a donation. This donation is usually to buy them a cafe latte or a beer or something similar. I guess that on the face of it it sounds fair in return for all the work they put in to writing and maintaining their blog.

But wait a bleedin’ minute! That’s not so far removed from begging in the street, when you think about it.

From my point of view I believe that if you want to be paid for blogging, you should at least give something in return. Ok, bloggers argue that their time writing their blogs and giving the reader something interesting to read is recompense enough, but I don’t entirely agree with it.

I feel that if a reader enjoyed visiting my blog they should feel free to come back and read some more – without being made to feel like they should pay for the privilege. Sure, I’d like to be paid for my time writing, but that’s where monetization of my blogs comes in. Revenue will, in good time, come from advertising revenue as this site increases it’s readership, which is my job to continue to work at achieving.

So I won’t be frightening off my readers by asking them for handouts!

However, if someone wants to donate to my cause, they can, but I would prefer they got something in return. So here’s my take on this:

My eBook: “The Secrets of SEO Revealed“ is on sale at only $9.97 which I feel is really good value for what you get.

If you want to contribute to this blog and it’s hard working author, then please do not donate money to buy me a beer or a coffee.

Buy my eBook instead! That way you benefit from the hard work and valuable information that went into there instead. And you get your money’s worth plus a whole lot more when you put the book to good use and start to make money from your fully SEO’d site!

Now doesn’t that sound more like it?

Who Needs Handouts?

Following on from my last post, it might interest those of you who read it and were a little skeptical that I have had some success in my small but significant revelation.

Since publishing that almost shockingly honest eye-opener and making readers aware of the practice of asking for donations that a lot of bloggers engage in, I have actually SOLD four more copies of my eBook directly from this blog!

Now, that might not sound like a whole lot of sales to anyone who sells their stuff in the hundreds or so every day. But for someone like me whose blog is still a relatively new thing with a still small but growing readership, that’s solid proof enough for me. By being honest and taking money for pure sales rather than asking for money to buy a (probably fictitious) coffee, this works!

Maybe this is a fluke and I don’t make any more sales of my eBook this way. But I don’t think so, because human nature being what it is, people would rather spend their money on something they can get some use out of than give it to some beggar in the street. Or somewhere.

I await the backlash…

6 thoughts on “Please Do NOT Buy Me a Beer!”

  1. Yes that sounds more like it! 🙂 Ok I’ve made up my mind – it’s not fair to ask my readers for donations either. I didn’t blog to ask for donations. 🙂

    Nice one, Terry!

  2. Hi YC,
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. It also makes me wonder does anyone ever actually give any money to bloggers who ask for donations?

  3. Well Terry, apparently I see a number of bloggers who claimed to have received constant donations, John Chow being one. I am sure there would be readers/bloggers who are kind enough to do so, but I still think that it defeats the purpose of why one should start blogging in the first place – which is to share views and ideas. If a blogger does wish to monetise his/her blog, then there are other more conventional ways to do so like advertising and selling their own products like what you did. I think the latter is one of the fairest methods to do so – it’s like any business that creates its own product and putting it on the market. But if you’re asking for donations just because people read your blog, then it really doesn’t sound completely right – although I wouldn’t contest it too much if that’s the -only- way they want to be rewarded. 😉

  4. That’s fair enough I suppose. There are millions of internet users out there and I’m sure out of those there would be some who are happy to give money to requests for donations.

    But then it starts to make you think. If someone who supposedly make so much money online like John Chow needs to ask for donations, are they really making as much as they claim? I wrote a post on this subject in my sister blog.

    Now there’s a whole new can of worms to be opened!

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