Make Money Motivation

Motivation is the key to being able to make money online. You need to stay focused on your goal and your goal (to make money) needs to be a realistic and achievable one or you’ll simply overstretch yourself and burn out before realizing its full potential.

When you’re fighting an uphill battle against too much work, it’s easy to become de-motivated and fed up and the drive to make money wanes. When this happens, you should take a step backwards and reassess all the tasks that need to be done and prioritize them into rough batches so that the important stuff gets done first.

Then the mountain of work won’t seem nearly as high.

Alternatively, throw your hands in the air, switch the computer off and go down to a nice bar and have a drink. What the?

Well, sometimes you simply have to switch off from your work and take a well earned break! Then you can return to it tomorrow (as long as you don’t drink too much!) and work with a renewed vigour and really get stuck into your job to make money online at home and for yourself.

Here’s to your success!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Online