Drive Traffic to Your Blog

In terms of creating a blog with a view to make money online, you need as many readers as you can get.

Update 2008:

Essentially you also need as much organic search traffic as you can attract. By attracting organic search traffic by the intelligent use of SEO, you’ll attract the kind of traffic that will click your ads.

By posting often and with good quality content that people will want to read and come back for more, you create the product.

With the promise of more posts of a similar quality and of frequent periodicity, you create the desire.

With excellent informative and educational posts you create the need.

So now what you have to do is create the path. The path to the door of your blog.

The only way of bringing visitors to your blog is by you getting out there and telling them about it! Ok, that’s a very simplistic statement but in its simplest terms, that’s exactly what you have to do in order to entice the curious to poke their head around the corner and notice your place.

The most popular ways of spreading the word about your blog are through the social networking sites like MyBlogLog and social bookmarking sites like, digg, stumbleupon etc. Other equally effective ways include writing articles and publishing them on ezines and article directories, posting comments on other blogs that fall into the same category as your own and also posting meaningful pieces in forums and message boards, using your signature to display the link back to your blog.

The success of your blog and its ultimate ability to make money for you depends very much on people. In fact it depends entirely on people, because without them you have no readers, no visitors, no traffic and no reason for advertisers to want to place their ads on your blog and you won’t make money.

So get out there and make friends with your fellow bloggers, forum members and anyone that you come across while online. You never know, the next person you bump into could be the owner of a high ranking blog who might just be willing to review your blog.

Closely followed by a mob of advertisers waving money in your face…

Update 2008: Can all that shit… that was written in a time when everybody believed that getting social traffic to your blog would make money for you. we now know that is horseshit put about by so called a-listers.

It was a lie.

The only way to make money from visitrs to your blog is to attract organic search engine traffic. Social traffic don’t click you ads. Why? ecause they’re Internet Marketers like you and they know what PPC ads are and they know what affiliate ads are.

They don’t click them because if they wanted to buy an affiliate product, they’d use their own affiliate id and get the commission themselves.

True organic search traffic, on the other hand are generally not Internet Marketers, and therefore don’t know what PPC and affiliate ads are. If they’re curious, they’ll click. You make money online from organic search traffic and very little else. Unless of course you are an A-lister and you’ve already sold all your new affiliate stuff to the readers who saw it first in your blog.

To get to A-lister status can take years, if ever, so if you want to go down that path, you can, but don’t expect to make money for those years…

Later posts in this blog will confirm this fact.

Domain Names and SEO

This post following on from , is devoted to the fast make money online business of choosing the right domain name for the theme or topic of your blog or website.

Now, as you want to make money fast from your blog and you’ve got yourself some professional hosting set up, you need a domain name that reflects what your blog is going to be about. I can already hear you shouting “But all the best domain names have been taken!” and you’d be pretty well right. Well, almost.

There are still some options open to you.

The first thing you should consider is the bit after the dot. I mean the .com part of your domain. Let’s face it, if you want to be taken seriously in business and make money at it, don’t even consider another extension. Why? Because when a domain name is dropped into conversation, it is ALWAYS assumed to be a .com domain.

Having said that, should you be wanting to build a large portfolio of domains, then other extensions will do nicely as supporting websites to your main sites. But anyway, back to the plot…

That makes it even tougher to find a good, descriptive domain name for your blog without having to resort to one a mile long. Not only does your domain name have to be descriptive, it should also include your main keywords (in the case of this blog, make money) – the search terms that you will expect the most amount of people to type into the Google search box to find blogs like yours. Narrows it down even further, doesn’t it!

The reason for getting your make money online keywords into your domain name is so that when you come to do your on site SEO on your site, it all ties together.

A Concise SEO Lesson:

This is all on site SEO, by the way. Off site SEO is whole other ballgames.

Your main keywords in you domain name should match the main keywords in your site header’s meta tag, your title and your main h1 headings in your text as well as any anchor tags, alt tags, h2, h3… etc tags, as well as bolded text. These are all the places where your keywords should be and they should all match exactly. Aim for a keyword density in your content of above 2% and below 5% and you’ll be about ok – with 3% being about optimum.

Well, to find the right domain name, you have to get creative.

I’d been racking my brains for a relatively short, descriptive and keyword based domain name centred around “make money” with “blog” in there somewhere too for this project. I’d already got the idea of using a subdomain with the keywords in and set up a make money blogsite (a blog that is also a website!), but I wanted to go the whole hog and get a top level domain with the keywords make money and blog.

Imagine my surprise when I did a search on those three words together but not in the right order and found that was not taken! As you can imagine, I jumped at the chance and bought it there and then! So you see, it is possible to find what you want – just don’t expect it to be quite where you thought!

So with a keyword rich domain name, I’ve SEO’d all the tags in the code for this blog and the posts will contain a fair smattering of the keywords “make money” and “blog”. Over time (and now we have to play the waiting game), the search engines will index this blog and once I’ve done a fair bit of off-site SEO, those nice people at Google should (although nothing is guaranteed in this game) bestow a fair Page Rank on this blog, completing the SEO experiment and priming this blog to make money from various sources that I’ll discuss in future posts.

If you are interested in learning more about SEO and making use of all the techniques that are available to boost your website up to the top of the search engine rankings in order to make money from it, I have written a full disclosure ebook on the subject covering ALL the SEO techniques that are available. It’s not expensive – at $9.97 it’s an absolute steal in the current high price climate of SEO. So get your copy while stocks last (!!) from this link:

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Then you’ll have all the knowledge you’ll ever need to SEO your own site or blog and compete with those people at the top of the search engines!

Enjoy the book…