Make Money by Going Wide

The title is a little thought provoking, so I’d better get straight to the point and describe what I mean by “going wide”.

It’s actually a football term used when a player runs along the wings of the field, effectively widening the field of play to use the entire width of the pitch.

In terms of how to make money online, I’ve taken the same idea and used it to describe using the entire width of the promotion and marketing field to increase the exposure of your main sites and blogs by using secondary sites, free blogs and squidoo lenses to funnel traffic into them.

One could argue that by using free blogs and lenses, all the content that you write for them is for the benefit of the owner of that company, ie Squidoo benefits from all the traffic each lensmaster attracts to their own lens (which is simply a page hanging off the main site) as does, which is owned by Google.

But you can’t think in those terms, because if you get the idea in your head that all that work you’re doing is for someone else, you’re not going to put your heart and soul into it and will not reap the many benefits of spreading yourself “wide”.

In a way, it’s just like using article directories and ezines to post articles driving traffic back to your sites. You don’t think in terms of giving your content to these sites for their benefit, but on the contrary you are using their service to generate traffic and links to your main sites.
So what are these benefits?

Well, increased exposure by spreading your business name across lots of platforms which all attract their own sector of traffic. This traffic can easily be directed to your main sites thereby generating a much larger reader base for your main or core websites and blogs, which is where you’ll make the most money from. These sattelite sites will also generate their own income so you’ll make money from a wider collection of sites.

Using free blogs and squidoo lenses also means you can intelligently inter-link giving your main sites a lot of one-way backlinks from several different sources and platforms, thereby reducing the appearance to the search engines of using sites as link farms. These one-way links will count towards the page rank of your main sites.

If you’re using adsense or other CPC advertising method to make money, then you can spread these ads over a wider base of sites to increase your revenue from these. The same goes for affiliate products you promote – put your promotional blurb on your satelite sites to increase the chances of generating more affiliate sales.

By using a wider range of keywords specific to each satelite blog or lens you also increase your chances of getting more sites into the search engine results pages, which will bring you even more traffic and business branding exposure.

To conclude, if you have the time and the writing ability to generate enough unique content to fill many separate sites and blogs, then you should consider spreading yourself wider to attract more traffic and ultimately increase your ability to make money and some!