Make Money Online from Website Hosting

The subject of website hosting will come up soon enough once you start to delve into the nuts and bolts of running a successful online business. The truth of the matter is that for your online business to have a truly professional look and feel, you must have a professional sounding website domain name.

To host your website, it’s no good messing around with free hosting because no one will take you seriously when they see your website festooned with the free host’s own advertising banners. Chances are, you will also have to put up with unreliable uptime, limited disk space and bandwidth allocation and the free host’s prerogative to delete your website without notice if it suits them.

Even for your own personal website, it make so much sense to take on a personal website hosting package, especially as you can obtain personal website hosting from as little as $5 per month these days.

Take a good look at Hostgator – you’ll see their banner in the right hand sidebar of this page. They are the most reliable and most highly recommended of all web hosts, so do yourself a favour and take a look at their packages. Better still, you can make money online by being your own web host by taking out one of Hostgator’s “Reseller” hosting plans which allows you to sell hosting space on their servers and you get to keep all the profits!

There is more info on this top webhosting company here: where you can also get a massive 25% Off coupon that is valid on all hosting plans. And not only that, but if you want to pay forward for a year or longer, the discount applies to the total amount.

Check it out.

Terry Didcott
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