Do Not Join the Blogrush Scam!

Blog Rush, yet another scamming piece of shit designed to get inbound links by the thousands to John Reese’s own site and give the rest of you the finger, is live! Oh wow whee, I’m so NOT impressed by this pile of crap.

But here’s the original blurb I wrote, just to show I was initially taken in too – being only human and all…

John Reese’s BlogRush is live an running in blogs across the world. If you haven’t gotten in on this yet, just to be taken to the FREE sign-up page and get your widget.

Then you can enjoy a boost in your blog’s traffic too!

Update: What bloody traffic boost?

Didn’t see jack shit, so that means all you other peeps that got taken in and STILL have that sap sucking leech of a widget on your blogs didn’t get it! Its a bloody scam, just like all the other scams designed to look like beneficial products to help YOU, when they’re really resigned to help only the owners. Jeez!

Terry Didcott
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