Welcome to Make Blog Money (makeblogmoney.com)! This is my About page where I can tell you about me and what this site is about.

This is a money making oriented blog that is all about the gentile art of how to make money on the Internet with a blog or website! There are many ways in which to achieve this and these are covered on a series of informative posts on the subject by the author who has been doing this successfully since 2006.


I'm Terry Didcott, author of this blog. i'm a long term Internet Marketer deriving a good income source from various methods including affiliate marketing and PPC (pay per click).

These methods are explained in more detail in their respective articles published on this blog.

Note: This blog has been re-engineered so that it no longer relies on a CMS platform like Wordpress to serve its pages to a browser. It is what is known in the business as a "static" website, although the layout still resembles in some form an interactive blog, just without some of the interactive aspects.