Talking About Money and Its Importance

Do you believe that money is important in your life? How important do you imagine it to be? Many believe that it's bad or even evil, while only some believe it is the opposite.

But love money or not, nobody living in a civilized society can argue that it is a necessity that cannot be avoided.

Let's Talk About Real Money

There is a myth that has been circulated around the world's population for centuries that has many people believing that if you have money, you must be a bad person or have done something bad to get it.

So deep goes this belief that you'd have a pretty hard time convincing such a person they were wrong.

However, when you reason things out, you're own common sense will reveal the truth. Money is neither good or bad. It just is. It's the way that it is used by its owners that attaches the good or bad label to it.

Let's take a sensible look at this entity we know as money and see where so many people are going wrong.

First of all, it's important to realize that money is indeed necessary in today's civilized society to enable people to be a part of that society. It is more than just necessary; it's incredibly important!

Just as important as:

…and a whole host of other things. It is all paid for by the money we accrue through our jobs or whatever means we employ to get it. Without it, we'd be out on the streets, poor, cold and hungry and there would be little sympathy with our plight!

So next time you catch yourself saying or even thinking that money is not important to you, stop and rethink that idea. Because you didn't come up with that idea by yourself: you're merely echoing what you heard someone else say!

Take Your Own Counsel and Have York Own Opinions

That last sentence probably stung a little, right? That's assuming you took any notice of it and then ran it through your mind for a good while to figure out if it were true or not.

But you'll find that when you really sit down and think about things, you find that a lot of your opinions that you have held onto over the years are actually not even your own, even though you have always thought they were. Most of our opinions were formed because we took them on from someone else.

That someone else is usually a parent (since as kinds we look up to them as all-knowing) or a close relation, a close friend or a teacher. Maybe even an authoritative figure on the TV. It'll be someone we hold (or held in the past) in high estimation and simply found ourselves in tune with their opinions.

Don't feel bad about that. It happens to just about all of us!

The amazing thing is those "mentors" we got our opinions from probably got them from other people they held in high estimation in their own pasts. And on it goes as far back as you can imagine!

The trick to taking control over your own life and by association the kind of prosperity you are able to enjoy (fed by the amount of money you are able to earn or accumulate), is to simply stop being lead by other people's opinions and start forming your own, based on your own observations and reasoning.

We All Have a Brain so Let's Use It

Reason is one of our mental faculties that comes into play a lot when it comes to forming our own opinions.

We can think things through and form ideas based on the evidence we have obtained through our five senses and arrived at via our reasoning capacity.

When we reason that because money is so important to our civilized way of life, it therefore must be important to have it, we have just used our own brain for one of the important things it was designed for. It's the capability to reason that sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.

There is an old observation I heard about one time that goes, "The human mind is the only thing that makes us unique. Everything else you will find in a pig or a horse."

Interesting and so true! If you're wondering if I'm getting away from the main subject of this article by focusing so much of it on the mind and how we think and have opinions about things, then don't because I'm not.

Think and Improve

Without the ability to think, reason and come to our own conclusions about things, we'd remain in the same financial situation we have always been in and never progress.

Luckily, we CAN use our minds to get us ahead and it's just a case of making the decision to work at it that will start us on the road to a better way of life.

And that better way of life will come because we figured out how to make more money than we do now. We reasoned out how it can be possible when on the face of it we appear to be limited by the wage our job pays us or the number of hours in the day we have to work at earning our wages.

Once we figure out that we can increase our earning potential when we decide to work smarter and make better use of those hours, regardless of how efficient we think we are already, doors will start opening for us in places we didn't even know there were doors!

Life can be good. Very good. When you have more money than you ever had before, that is. It's not evil or bad. It just is.

It's what you do with it when you get it that makes all the difference. Make up your mind you're going to use it to enjoy your life and that of your family and friends.

Be ready to help out wherever you can whenever you can with a good heart and sound reasoning and you'll have discovered that money can be good in so many ways!


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